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What Do You Miss Most About Your Bridge Babies?

Guest AlottaGreys

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Guest Joe_N_Mists_Mom


May 25 1995 to July 14, 2004


I miss ALOTT about Joey. We went through a lot, I got him too keep myself company right after a divorce.


I miss his kisses (Cappy and Misty are not big kissers) He was a big kisser and kissed me any chance he could. (when I go to the track and a grey kisses me it is hard to to get tears in my eyes)


I miss his silliness, I would walk out to get the mail and he was so happy to see me, it was like I was away for a day


I miss his bald but (used to slap his butt (not hard) and sing the song "I like the way you slap my azz"


I miss seeing his white face looking out the window at me as my car pulls into the drive way


I miss taken him for rides and hikes


There is so much, but this is what I miss the most.


What do you miss the most?

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Just reading this topic brought tears to my eyes. I miss my baby boy, Wells, so very much... :weep


:beatheart Giving him kisses between his eyes, tummy and chest rubs on his warm bare skin, ear scritches and hearing him groan with pleasure when I got the ear spot just right, feeling him snuggling against me when I woke up most mornings, and his constant companionship. He went most places with me in the car, and followed me like a shadow everywhere in my home. Oh what I would gladly give for another day with my precious boy... :brokenheart


edited: can't spell when crying... :blush

Edited by iluvgreys

Jeanne with Remington & Scooter the cat
....and Beloved Bridge Angels Sandee, Shari, Wells, Derby, Phoenix, Jerry Lee and Finnian.....
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.

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I miss Chelsea being such a cuddle bunny. I miss that head on my back, or tummy or hip when I sleep.

Missing my sweet girl Scout. My snuggler, my chow-hound, my kissy girl.
It never thunders at the Bridge, and your food bowl is ALWAYS filled.

So strange not living in Atty World. I was a love struck handmaiden to your every whim.

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:grouphug:grouphug I've tried...and I just can't reply...crying too hard. I love and miss each one of you my special babes...my Angels...Please continue to show us the way and visit us in our dreams at night and on a gentle breeze during the day...and never stop sending us beautiful rainbows...

Mommy and Daddy :gh_runner:paw


Patti-Mommy of Lady Sophia 7-28-92 - 8-3-04... LaceyLaine 8-2-94-12-5-07...

Flash Gordon 7-14-99 - 8-29-09... BrookLynne...Pavé Maria... and 18 Bridge Kids.




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Guest Valliejo2001

What I miss the most about my Maggie Sue is her disciplined ways,her smile when I walked into a room. I miss petting her soft black brindle coat. Maggie Sue was not a snuggler but she told me over and over how much she loved us with her eyes. She looked after the other dogs and corrested them gently when they were naughty. She was my first.


Most of all I miss her laying on the other end of the sectional with me and looking at me with such love behind those eyes. I love you sweet Mag pie.



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Guest skinnydog

I miss Gramma's tail thumping on the wall beside my bed in the middle of the night when she wanted outside.

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I miss Cody's middle-of-the-night TiChi sessions on my bed. I miss the way he used to jump up on his back legs and paw me to greet me, even tho it's not supposed to be good to let a dog do that. He looked like a big puppy the way he just pranced around in happiness. I miss the way he always had his big wet cold nose in my hand. I even miss the way he used to whine and howl if I was online for too long. And I am grateful that he went so quickly, for altho it was such a shock and very hard on us, he did not appear to suffer at all, and was gone within a few minutes.


Tempo (Keep the Tempo), Nora (Road Noise) & Gabe the babe (Gable Habenero), Cooper (Uncle Bud's Coop), Topper (Red Top), & Galgos Lisette & Manolito. Missing our beloved angels Cody (Kiowa My Dodie), Lou (Cantankerous Lou), Romi (FingerRoll), Connie (Devie's Concord), Millie (Djays Overhaul), Bailey (Hallo Forty nine), Andy (Iza Handy Boy, and Rocco (Ripley Rocco), Gracie (VS Megan), Eragon the Longdog, Joey (WJS Flashfire), Roy (Folly and Glory)

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For me, it's his mere presence. Gunnar was such a kind, loving, goofy soul. He KNEW when we needed him. If I was depressed, he'd follow me, just wanting to be there. If it was bad, he play like a fool, knowing I needed a laugh (and it always worked!) If I was happy, he shared in it.


His hugs were greyt too...he'd loved being hugged, he'd lean right in. And I loved when he'd stand while being hugged, so I could stroke his soft, "suede" tummy.


His ears were so soft. I loved to rub them, almost as much as he enjoyed the ear rubs.


And the way he'd greet us, barking madly, with the helicopter tail. Then he'd paw at the baby gate, with the satellite-dish ears up in the air.


He may be gone, but I'll never forget him. He was only in our lives for 2 1/2 years, but they were greyt years. People may say we gave him another chance, and brought light to his life. Quite the contrary - I will always love him and miss him for what he brought to us.

Sarah, the human, Henley, and Armani the Borzoi boys, and Brubeck the Deerhound.
Always in our hearts, Gunnar, Naples the Greyhounds, Cooper and Manero, the Borzoi, and King-kitty, at the Rainbow Bridge.

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Guest blastsmom

To be honest, We just lost Ramsey 2 weeks ago, and there is not just one thing I miss... it is everything!!!!


I miss the way he would "wobble" to the door when I came home, how he would almost "sing" to me when he was hungry... I remember 14 yrs ago when we got him, my DH said... absolutely no bed!!! Well, I snuck him up on the bed.... I miss him under the blankets with me... I miss him "singing" for a cookie... and most of all, I miss our "hugs"!!!!!


I am waiting for that sign that he is finally pain free and ok..... then I can relax and know in my heart....


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Guest sweetgsmom

7 years we adopted our first grey he was the most beautiful Brindle, he didn't do well on the track he was just too gentle. Right after we adopted him I was told I had cancer. Well that year was H**l for me I went through Chemo and Radiation the only thing that kept me going was our sweet Jessie.

When I would come home from a session of Chemo he would lay on the sofa next to me and lick my hand, he knew each and every time I was tired or didn't feel well, he was by my side all the time

We would go for a walk and he never got bouncy, he was just by my side the whole time, he slept between me and my DH .

He was my Angel, we were blessed to have him if only for a short while 2 years

Jessie left us almost two years to the day, he had Cancer and is now at the bridge.

he was and is my Angel sent to help me, and I will never forget him, or ever stop loving him.

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Guest how888

A million things but one sticks out in my mind and that's the unconditional love.No matter what I'd do or how I felt each day Howie would accept me for that person. The compassion and love that he showed left big paw prints on my heart forever. :gh_lay Rest in peace sweet angel, mommy really misses you but I keep watching for that angel dust and you keep sending it.

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Guest Dino

I miss everything about Dino the play bows he gave me whenever I came home, the trust and love he had for everyone. Watching him run in his sleep, feeling his huge heart thumping in his chest and being amazed at how strong the beat was. His naughty bench surfing.


The things I don't miss so much

the whack of his tail on my thighs. Thats it :( .


Rest in peace my boy I will be with you again I know it.

Edited by Dino
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I try to stay out of this forum because I always end up crying, and that's what I'm doing as I read this topic...


I miss Tori's quiet, gentle presence - and her joyous greeting when I'd come home form work. I miss seeing her lying so peacefully on her dog bed, with little Arthur curled up beside her. I miss her loving brown eyes following my every move. I miss watching her dreams of running. I miss rubbing her tummy and getting her into a "goofy" mood. I miss kissing her forehead and her snout. I miss cupping her beautiful head in my hand and gazing into her eyes...

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Joe (Indio Starr) 1989 - 2001


I miss lying my head on his chest and listening to him breathe.


I miss stroking his head.


I miss his dainty, pretty boy walk.


I miss his rare, deep, throaty bark.


I miss his patient, loving stare.

Tami, Nikki & Gypsy (non-greyhounds, but still pretty good dogs.) Deeply missing Sunscreen Man, Angel (Back on the Job), Switzler Festus and Joe (Indio Starr)

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Guest Baloos_Mom

My Nikita Chiquita Banana Puppy Silly Girl! November 21, 1991-March 23, 2001

My Nik was my heart hound for sure. I loved her sooo much. She was the most incredibly loyal, loving, intelligent,trustworthy dog I have ever known and likely ever will know. She was 4 years old when my twins were born and so many people said, "oh your getting rid of that Rottweiler aren't you?"...of course I was quick to say , "uh, NO"...she was awesome with them from day one. Protective and gentle. I have pictures and videos of them laying under the dining room table (apparently this is fun??) with her reading stories to her! :blush



Oh there was a question...what do I miss most about her?


Her understanding. There was something about the way she just KNEW what was up with me. She loved me unconditionally and I could always count on her to know what I needed. Of course if I would pretend to cry she would smack me! ;) Guess she didn't want me to cry.


My girl...on March 23, 2001 I began volunteering with animal rescue in her honor and will continue what I do because of her. Miss Nikita has saved a lot of lives!!


I love you baby!



Edited because there are lots of things I miss...but noteworthy is that happy Rottie butt! :cry1

Edited by Baloos_Mom
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Guest mleg2001

I miss coming home to my pogo girl, and her slowly swishing tail. I miss seeing her wagging her head when people approach on walks, I miss her backyard crazy antics and most of all I miss her needle nose poking me in the back of my head

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Guest trevdog

I miss the face in the window as I pull into the driveway


The car rides he always loved to go


The way he slept on my legs at night in bed and sighed every time I moved and woke him up...to this day I have to sleep with pillows on my legs, not quite the same...


The roaches in the bed...


My Heartdog


Trevor Kane - 1/12/92 - 11/3/03


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Claire was a dachshund, not a grey, but she was a treasure never the less.


I miss her utter confidence that she was in charge of the World.


I miss her company on walks. Even as she aged and tired easily, she loved to go for walks and I'd just carry her when she got tired.


I miss the dancing delight with which she greeted me when her bedding came warm out of the dryer-- she could hardly wait to be tucked in and covered up.


I miss chasing squirrels with her--Claire at the very end of her leash and me trying hard to keep up, or at least not to slow her down to much. ("We" never caught one.)


It has been been nearly 10 years since she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 17. I think of her often--happy memories of the years of companionship and joy we shared and tears because I still want my "needle nosed tracking dawg" back with me now. :beatheart



Edited by LBass

Lucy with Greyhound Nate and OSH Tinker. With loving memories of MoMo (FTH Chyna Moon), Spirit, Miles the slinky kitty (OSH), Piper "The Perfect" (Oneco Chaplin), Winston, Yoda, Hector, and Claire.

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Guest Snowy8

Sadie-Grey, I miss her constant companionship...her need for me.

Bool, I miss that shiney black body standing next to me, him clacking his teeth when I come home from work & his started the rooing sessons 3 or 4 times a day.

Brogan, I miss that sweet sweet innocent face.

Racer, I miss watching him in the backyard laying out there by himself or his cutting figure 8's alone (Banker does that).

Boner (non grey) I miss his riding in the car with me, his pouting because he didn't get his way & that "I didn't do it" look when someone else did something wrong.

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Bruiser - I miss his regal look, the way when it was windy outside he'd sniff the air like a fine wine, how he'd hunch up and try to "race" motorcycles if one passed when we were walking, and his sneaky food stealing ways.


Sandy - I miss the way she used to bark and bark at us when she wanted attention, when she'd trick one of the boys into playing so they'd give up their spot on the couch, and her sleep turds.


Miss you both so much!

Sara formerly on Greytalk as Mommyof3
Gone, but still part of our family and always in our hearts:
Bruiser Isa Comander To 6/23/91-11/20/03 Sandy NSK Special Up 10/19/89-6/13/04 Beau Bdk's Boo Boo 1/1/93-12/15/06 Cooney Lars Dbltakedean 11/1/93-1/23/07
Buddy 2/9/1997-11/16/09 Joe Elkhart Joe 11/7/99-12/2/10 Alex Streakin Diablo 4/17/02-4/1/11 Brother Hylife Brother 9/26/97-2/28/12

Comanche Gil's Comanche 6/7/2005-11/7/2015 Molly 4/8/2011-4/13/2018

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Guest ShelbysMom

I miss watching Pepper watch the birds. She could stare out a window for hours at birds. We placed a feeder near the window, and it was virtually instant that she became mesmorized by them.


I also miss taking her to PetsMart. She used to love looking at the rodents in their various tanks on display. She would bite at the glass in play. It was so cute.

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Guest greyt_parents

Wow, I cannot see the computer monitor through my tears! :cry1


I miss Tex. :brokenheart


I miss his groans. He would groan if we scratched in his ears just right, he would groan after pawing at his bed and finally lying down. The groan we loved the most was when DH and I would be up late chatting in bed - this would disturb Tex and he would groan at us as if to say "Shut up already!" If we ignored the first groan a second groan would be heard but this one would be even longer and louder. Bedtime was bedtime NOT chat time!

Also 10:00pm was bedtime, if we stated up later to finish watching a movie Tex would go to bed himself but in 15 minute intervals he would come back downstairs, glare at us and then head back up to bed.


It has been 3 weeks since our Tex went to the bridge...

We miss you Tex, Texaco, Texaco-co, Texaco-co bean, Texaco-co bean-a-beaner...


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Molly would look into my eyes and hold that look for a long time, like she could see in me and I could see in her. She is still a part of every day. :candle

Greyhound angels at the bridge- Casey, Charlie, Maggie, Molly, Renie, Lucy & Teddy. Beagle angels Peanut and Charlie. And to all the 4 legged Bridge souls who have touched my heart, thank you. When a greyhound looks into you eyes it seems they touch your very soul.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then he loves himself". Josh Billings


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