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  1. Poem is such a handsome, almost white boy who was found with a nasty wound around his neck. Almost a year later, nothing reminds of of what he must have gone through. it didn't break his spirit, and he's such a loving, happy boy, making us laugh about his antics.
  2. its pretty well known with rescuers in Spain that there is still a market, auctions in the UK and Ireland that sell ex-racers to Spain. And at times, we see the result. Seems like we see them a bit more recently. About 10 days ago, Nevada arrived here in the US. Bred and raised in a hunting environment, the rescue called her a galgo. One look at her and I could see the difference, this girl may not have a tattoo, but she is more greyhound than galgo. And boy, is she lovely, tiny, spunky, loving. Meet Nevada, Spanish bred, but a lot of Irish/English blood I think.
  3. Started of with the innovet pet CBD oil for my galga Cara when we found that she had Degenerative Myelopathy. When it looked like it helped her, we switched to Hemp Rx Forte and noticed she did much better on that. While it didn't cure her, nothing could, she outlived the 6 month diagnosis by almost 9 months. We also used it, on advice of our vet as a topical on her spine before using a cold laser. Other things we noticed convinced me it can be used for many things, when I started it looked like she was getting dog dementia, in a bad way, not knowing where she was, being confused. Within day she improved so much that she was almost like her normal self. Something else that changed, her eyes improved considerably, the last few months we didn't need her eyedrops any more since she was producing enough tears again. Now I use it for Florida who we found had mammary tumors, she has been operated and needs lung x-rays every 6 months, we hope it helps her with fighting cancer and during her healing time we uses it as an added pain control. This is all done with the agreement of my vet. When we were dealing with Majestic bad leg, he also got it after talking to the surgeon. The oncologists at this specialist clinic use it too and the surgeon said it would help his bones get stronger and help the healing process. And lastly, I am giving it since a few weeks to Lehto who has IBD after poisoning his self with green tomatoes as a puppy. A week into giving it I noticed that he is no longer whimpering after he had his meals. A lot of people ask me about the use with fearful dogs or scared dogs, but that is the only way I have experienced no improvement. One thing to keep in mind is that if your dog is on other medication, talk to your vet before giving it. Sometimes you need to make sure you don't give it at the same time to avoid problems.
  4. We're dog sitting a 10 month old greyhound for a week, her and Sami are having a lot of fun comparing notes. Like, who has the biggest mouth?
  5. After losing our girl Cara a few months ago, we kinda decided to keep it at our three. It would allow us to have 3 galgo fosters instead of 2 and since some stay a long time, it just seemed to be the sensible thing to do. I mean, our house is always full of galgos. And then, in December, Florida made the long trip from Spain to be fostered with us. 8 Years old, used for breeding for a long time, very scared but sweet. I figured it would take a few months before she would get adopted, she has a lot to deal with and get used to. And then I found these little pebbles in her mammary glands, very small, but they were there. I think it wasn't a week after her arrival that I took her to the vet. It didn't look good. Two heavy operations, the fist one opened her up from her chest to between her legs. She was so scared, but so brave. Tests showed that some were cancerous, others pre cancerous. But her lungs are clear. My vet practice has several vets, but the owner made clear she was the one to handle this girl. In her words, this girl amazes me, even when she is in pain, she is the gentlest and so brave. Her second operation needed to be done soon after and I hated it, hated for her to go through it again. And I realized I did not want to see her go to a new home, I wanted to see her grow and get better. And so, for the first time in 18 years, I foster failed with a galgo. She is scared of the camera, but these I got today. Florida joins Lehto, Sami and Brisa and is home.
  6. Will have to tell you the story about my PA Galgos plate some day. It took me many months to get it approved and that is the reason several options will never be available
  7. galgomum


    Cara October 12, 2007 ~ November 18, 2017 Today, my little world traveler, my little white monster, my muse and companion for 9.5 years left this earth.
  8. 1.5 years ago I lifted this boy into a van and into safety thanks to Charlotte del Rio. While visiting in Spain, a call came in from a hunter, wanting to get rid of 2 female galgos. A long story short, this scared boy was not supposed to live, a severely broken back leg which was infected into the bone. It took well over a year and 2 operations for him to come to SAGE in May this year. A week after he arrived he started to reject the hardware in his back leg and the infection returned. Several weeks ago, after fighting the infection, the hardware came out and he is on the road to recovery. Right now he gets several walks a day and the end of this month he goes back to the specialist for his last visit we hope. He's a special, this one. A streak of stubborn, a touch of sweetness and pounds of love are showing now that he feels safe. Charlotte named him well, he's a tall one and when his true self shows, he's Majestic. And I have fallen hard for this boy. But he's not to be mine, I just get to love on him until he find his forever.
  9. Our little white monster is aging, and fast. We are not sure how old she is, but she's been with me for about 9 years now, the guess is she is around 10, but it could be 11 also. She's been having health issues, and recently she seemed lost, confused and returned back to being fearful. Making a long story short, it looks like she may have degenerative myelopathy. Added to that, she is having pain. To be clear, not looking for suggestions on treatment here, her past and her fears will not allow for extensive vet visits or MRI's or other things. We are treating her with painkillers, cold laser and CBD oil, of which the last one seems to have the most effect. While a few weeks ago we thought we would have to let her go within weeks, we are now confident she will be around for a while longer. Cara has been my muse for years, but about 2 years ago I sensed she wasn't happy anymore doing our special photo sessions. So besides the occasional snapshot for our family album, her career as a model was done. Still, today I took her out with some yummy treats, out in the sun, the grass and enjoyed her enjoying herself. No editing, just cropping and watermarking Because she doesn't need it, she's still gorgeous in her golden years.
  10. She's about 2 years old, does well with other dogs, tested cat trainable but needs time to trust, she is on the shy side. Dumped at FBM, deemed useless by her owner
  11. He will be arriving at JFK this Saturday And not just him. Meet Pinzon: Mistral: And Nilla
  12. After a whirlwind of a year, SAGE (Save A Galgo Espanol) is in calmer water for a bit. In the last few months we had up to 9 galgos in our home. But just before Christmas, all of our fosters, except for one found a home. Around the end of February we hope to do our first transport and bring over 3 rescued galgos. But right now we do enjoy seeing Tia blossom. Tia is a special case (aren't they all?) She has an old break in one of her front legs and needs a brace to go out on walks, around the house she manages really well (except for me getting a sick feeling in my stomach when I see her leg bend when she is running in the yard) She really is a sweetheart who doesn't ask much besides snuggling on the couch in the evening, she's quite persistant about that. Her former owner branded her and its quite clear she was used to produce many litters. Yet, she knows how to be happy once she knows you, she has the best helicopter tail and eyes to die for. In our home she is really comfortable, outside our houses it is scary and she shows her stubborn inner galgo. Just love this girl <3 At this moment we are committed to bring over Majestic and Treasure from 112Carlota galgos, and 3 from FBM which will be our next transport. One of them we already know who it will be. This is Rosco, 7 months old at this moment and operated on a broken hip when he was 5 months old. He was thrown over a fence into a yard, and luckily the person who found him contacted FBM. My friend Donna is at FBM at this moment and tells me he is an old soul. Everyone at FBM is in love with him, so I am in for trouble I fear Anyway, just wanted to update a little, haven't been around much the last year
  13. Hadn't been here on GT for a while and your post is the first I see, loved it.
  14. Photographed by Paul Croes and our latest addition Brisa Our youngest, Sami the horrible And my big boy Lehto, 5 years old already and all grown up
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