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    the Netherlands, but now living in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania
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    The Galgo Español, Greyhounds and photography

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  1. The tattoo for a galgo is usually to show what hunting association they are registered with. Not all galgos are hunted at that level. But we have seen more and more that are tattooed. With the hare dying of a disease and a hunting season cut short, many hunters let go of their dogs that normally would have been hunting. Killing that many young dogs would be hard to hide, so many showed up in the shelters and perreras. Their loss, our gain. We've been getting some awesome young dogs that were mostly healthy, not traumatised yet. Bom is one of them, takes her a day and she turns int
  2. She is a galgo from Spain
  3. Meet Izzy and her ears
  4. Bom has been our foster for 8 months now and she has the best ears ever
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    Contact info for Basil-To The Tee: http://www.nittanygreys.org/
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    First snow

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  8. Hey Petra! What is your son's name??? You can PM me if you like...


  9. Not someone to say or write much, but I love sharing my photographs while I am trying to learn about lighting, composition and how to hold my camera steady

  10. Miss seeing you here!

  11. You're the second person I've come across this month from Dillsburg! I just ordered some hardware from mowry antiques who is from Dillsburg as well. My dad owned a house with a barn and a little paddock area in the late 70s.... We had collies and a Tennessee Walker named Tony who we got locally at the horse auction. Anyway it was a great area back then and I am sure it still is...

  12. enjoying being home with the doggies

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