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  1. The tattoo for a galgo is usually to show what hunting association they are registered with. Not all galgos are hunted at that level. But we have seen more and more that are tattooed. With the hare dying of a disease and a hunting season cut short, many hunters let go of their dogs that normally would have been hunting. Killing that many young dogs would be hard to hide, so many showed up in the shelters and perreras. Their loss, our gain. We've been getting some awesome young dogs that were mostly healthy, not traumatised yet. Bom is one of them, takes her a day and she turns into a happy, playful pup.
  2. She is a galgo from Spain
  3. Meet Izzy and her ears
  4. Bom has been our foster for 8 months now and she has the best ears ever
  5. Started of with the innovet pet CBD oil for my galga Cara when we found that she had Degenerative Myelopathy. When it looked like it helped her, we switched to Hemp Rx Forte and noticed she did much better on that. While it didn't cure her, nothing could, she outlived the 6 month diagnosis by almost 9 months. We also used it, on advice of our vet as a topical on her spine before using a cold laser. Other things we noticed convinced me it can be used for many things, when I started it looked like she was getting dog dementia, in a bad way, not knowing where she was, being confused. Within day she improved so much that she was almost like her normal self. Something else that changed, her eyes improved considerably, the last few months we didn't need her eyedrops any more since she was producing enough tears again. Now I use it for Florida who we found had mammary tumors, she has been operated and needs lung x-rays every 6 months, we hope it helps her with fighting cancer and during her healing time we uses it as an added pain control. This is all done with the agreement of my vet. When we were dealing with Majestic bad leg, he also got it after talking to the surgeon. The oncologists at this specialist clinic use it too and the surgeon said it would help his bones get stronger and help the healing process. And lastly, I am giving it since a few weeks to Lehto who has IBD after poisoning his self with green tomatoes as a puppy. A week into giving it I noticed that he is no longer whimpering after he had his meals. A lot of people ask me about the use with fearful dogs or scared dogs, but that is the only way I have experienced no improvement. One thing to keep in mind is that if your dog is on other medication, talk to your vet before giving it. Sometimes you need to make sure you don't give it at the same time to avoid problems.
  6. galgomum


    Cara October 12, 2007 ~ November 18, 2017 Today, my little world traveler, my little white monster, my muse and companion for 9.5 years left this earth.
  7. I know there will be a podenco in my future, but still have my hands full with Sami, Lehto and Brisa, all galgos that act like 2 year olds. But I enjoy doing agility with my dogs and hope to be able to do it with a pod in the future also They really are great dogs, but definitely not greyhounds.
  8. Would definitely talk to Rain about your concerns and questions, not every pod is the same and some may be more suitable than others. If you'd like to do some more research on the types, I would suggest checking out this Dutch website, it has a translate button for English and if you scroll down all the way, into the green part you will see a list with almost all types and descriptions. http://www.podencoworld.nl In general, pods are a healthy breed, in Europe they are listed as 'half' sighthounds, not sighthounds. They are sturdy, intelligent, agile and totally fun dogs. If you enjoy doing things with your dogs, a podenco would suit you, classes, adventures, never a dull moment with a pod. As for health, they should not come to the US riddled with parasites, a good Spanish organization deworms, defleas and certainly no ticks. There should be blood tests for heart worm, Leishmania, Ehrlichia and most test for Anaplasma also. That is such nonsense, Leishmania is transmitted through a certain type of sandfly, which is extremely rare in the US. But, the disease can be dormant for up to 7 years. If a dog is tested positive, it still doesn't mean the disease is active, but stress or another disease can bring it out. This is why it is wise to know the symptoms and have a dog imported from countries with Leish. tested once a year. To be honest, I have as much change on carrying it without knowing as my dogs have, since I have been in Spain several times during the season this sandfly is active.
  9. I would suggest taking Neylasmom up on her offer and have her help find you a good trainer. She is a certified dog trainer with lots of greyhound experience
  10. Herzlich Wilkommen. Transplanted Dutch here. Your pups are beautiful, glad to see other European countries are getting more active in adopting greyhounds from Ireland. My first greyhound Kit was an Irish girl that had the bad luck of being sold to Spain
  11. To all our galgo adopters I suggest to find a good dog training center in their area and take their galgo to a basic behavior class. It is good for bonding, you get some good guiding on how to work with your galgo and it is often good for the dogs confidence. Another benefit, most dogs will sleep for hours after class. If she is not used to a leash, imagine how she feels with a contraption around her nose
  12. Eating rabbit poop is not without danger: Dogs can get coccidiosis or leptospirosis from eating rabbit faeces http://www.ehow.co.uk/about_4620750_dog-caused-bird-rabbit-feces.html
  13. We've seen this with galgos that had the same issue. The vets suggested taking leash walks, but slowly, on a much slower pace then you normally would. It forces them to get out of the gait they adapted to, to get around. With the cast they got used to not putting it down, a much slower pace gets them used to walking normal again.
  14. Or you can just adopt this little girl: Cause she's just as perfect as they come And there are many, many more of those that in spite of their backgrounds, just bounce back and are wonderful family pets.
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