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I got word that my foster Blare has passed away. She was born Dec 12, 1996 so she would have been 8 years old. There was no reason given...but anything is possible with an 8 year old greyhound, I guess.


Howie totally and completely loved her. I was not really ready to adopt a second one when she came along, and she had some challenging moments, but overall, she was very loving and sweet and fell into our household and routine like she had always been there.


I told my friends that often she would look at me as if to say "Please, please adopt me. I love you and Howie and living here". And I did not respond :( I feel sad about that now, but I think everything happens for a reason and my sweet Raisin Bran would not be here otherwise. When I took her back to the kennel after our foster period, she was adopted almost immediately, so that made me feel much better.


Anyway, I think of her fondly and don't ever want her to be forgot. Here is Blaring Blair.









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How heartbreaking... :brokenheart:bighug

Godspeed, sweet Blare.

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:grouphugf_yellow I'm so sorry!

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I am so sorry. Run free beautiful Blare. You are so loved. :f_pink:grouphug


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Guest how888

My heart goes out to you. I can only tell you one thing I know for sure. My angel Howie is now taking good care of her."Somewhere Over The Rainbow" we will all meet n greet one more time...Just believe.Your Howie took care of her here, now my Howie will keep her in good company. :gh_run:gh_run:f_pink:f_pink Run free sweet angels.

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Fostering must be such a hard thing to do, and never more so than when you hear of the death of one of your babies. :bighug


I believe that things happen for a reason, too. She may have had a task to do in the home she found, and your sweet Raisin Bran needed to be with you.


Sorry about Blare. :f_pink She was a very beautiful girl.


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