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  1. That's good that things are looking normal, but I agree it must be frustrating not to know exactly what is wrong so you can correct it for him. I know how much you love him, and he's such a sweet little guy (except for the time he threw up in my lap ) and I'm hoping he gets better soon.
  2. Lucy, I don't have any ideas for you, I just wanted to add that I"m thinking of you and hoping you find out what is wrong and its simple to correct.
  3. Wow KF, spiral stairs, I'm impressed! One house I looked at had them and I was almost scared myself to go up. No way for the dogs I think - they were hardly as wide as my shoulders, so narrow my foot didn't fit on the steps, and so steep I held on with both hands! The house was old and my opinion is that this was originally just a shaft and they put the staircase in it to have one indoors instead of having just the outdoor staircase. I feel MUCH better now thanks to all of you!
  4. Y'all have made me feel much better, thanks! These are private indoor stairs and they're solid granite and I'm worried about them being slippery. (DH looked at it last month and when he mentioned dogs the landlord told him no, sorry). I called DH after I left and he said he could figure out some way of putting down temporary carpeting if we needed. He really wants this place now that the landlord has changed his mind about the dogs. I have turned away from SO many places because of stairs you can't even imagine! When I come back to Texas in March I can find a friend with stairs to help start the training process, and a friend here has 2 yorkies that can help when I get back with the showing how to use stairs. That's an idea I never thought of.
  5. I'm having the HARDEST time finding a place that will allow dogs here in Malta. I looked this morning at a first floor maisonette that is really nice in a good location, but it has STAIRS. (My dogs have never seen stairs that I know of). I have option on a ground floor maisonette in an isolated village that is not near as nice or dog friendly, and is more expensive, but it IS ground floor so no stairs. Which is the ONLY reason we're considering it. I'm just wondering how hard it will be to teach them to use the stairs? Am I worrying about nothing?
  6. Go Howie! You're getting there my friend!
  7. Hi! I'm in Lake Jackson (well, until next week that is then I'll be in Malta). We have 2 - one from GGP and one from GPA. With the help of people on this board we've had no major problems to speak of, and have met a few good friends. No advice on rats, but we do have prairie dogs and birds. We had to move the prairie dogs out into the sun room because of safety factors but now I believe they would be ok inside. It was just at first things were iffy. I'd never let them run loose together but the dogs ignore them in the cages now. Good luck with meeting your new friend!
  8. I wish I had a solution for you - I do have a harness if you need to borrow one still? I hope Howie is doing better with the stairs today and I'm jealous you've managed our dream of living at the beach.
  9. Cyndi


  10. Cyndi


    I'm so very sorry for you and your family
  11. Prayers going out to Oreo, hope everything is ok for him
  12. Sending my thoughts and prayers out to you and your family today
  13. Oh no, Kelly. I'm so sorry and I'm always here if you need me or anything. Chris was just LAST night asking me if I ever heard from/about you any more and now I have to tell him this I wish I was there to hug you
  14. Congatulations, and Junebug is beautiful!
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