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Do you feel that your vet's salary is more than it deserves to be (or do you feel that vet's fees are excessive)?  

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  1. 1. Do you feel that your vet's salary is more than it deserves to be (or do you feel that vet's fees are excessive)?

    • Yes. It's not like their real doctors.
    • Yes. The vets I know are all very well off.
    • Yes. The fees I pay are way overpriced so they must be.
    • Yes. But I still like me vet.
    • No. The vets I know do not live "high on the hog".
    • No. The fees I believe to be fair for the service provided.
    • No. They only make about 1/4 the salary of human drs.
    • No. Did I mention that I really like my vet!
    • I don't know. But their prices do seem high to me.
    • I don't know. I just like my vet!
    • The fees are too high but vets are not overpaid.
    • It really depends, some are and some are not.

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Just curious to hear peoples opinions. I often read about high prices and overpriced pharmacy items on various posts and I am curious as to how people feel that translates into salary. Because if you feel a dental is too expensive at $130 and Heartgard is too much at $50 but you dont feel your vet is overpaid... then those 2 thoughts cannot add up.


Anyway just curious to see what peoples thoughts are.



Bella and Sky at the bridge

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It really depends on how the vet wants to run his/her practice. One vet I used to work for put her heart into the animals. She rescued strays, took in unwanted pets, and even lowered some vet bills for people who desperately wanted to help their pets but were financially troubled. During slow times, she said she made just enough to come out even (she owns the business and actually lives in the second floor above the clinic). But the vets I worked for at another clinic I hated. They charged more and tried to do as little as they could.

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I think this is very dependent on the vet. I have seen vets that are in a practice with lots of other vets and it is more big business like and they charge FOR EVERYTHING. They encourage every annual shot known to man without explaining what is necessary and what is optional.


The one place I went when I moved to Ohio basically charge $15 to walk in the door. ON top of that their office visit charges were pretty high. The vet that I see now is great. He is a sole proprietor of his office and has many times not charged office visits when I have had problems that made me come in week after week. I respect his opinions and sometimes suggests some expensive holistic stuff but I know he is suggesting it because he believes in it.

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Guest Maranatha

We have had lots of medical/vet expenses, since our first grey died. It was very expensive. I don't feel the fees were as high as the medication for treatment. A blood transfusion was $900 and that didn't include the procedure, just the oxigloben (?). And after she went to the bridge they would not refund the unused, unopen meds., but I could donate the meds for patient's families that couldn't afford them :dunno . I always thought that was me. The good news is that we have paid that vet bill off and are looking into pet insurance- if something serious happens, expenses add up quickly.

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Guest shiningstar

Having worked in a city practice the fees did seem rather extreme.

Now I live in a rural area and I can tell you my vet is not overpaid. I have compared the prices he charges to what others pay (via greytalk) and his fees are very low. If I were he I would charge more.

In another town I lived in I would say the fees were average. The vet did a very nice thing in sending a donation to Emory University in my Yorkies name when he passed away at 17 years of age. I think demigraphics plays a part in price.

Maybe city livers expect more fluff, I don't know. Anybody else have a comment on this theory?

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Guest BrockGusDad

I have been to many vets over the years. As with any other profession, there are the good guys and the bad guys.

The one I had for Brock before he passed was a good guy (gal).


Knowing Bill and all he does for our creatures, I have no doubt regarding his high degree of professionalism. Suzanne of course is another. These are first-class people. They are worth their weight in gold. I only wish I were closer to them.

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Guest AnnesMenagerie

The prices always seem high to me - but then when I realize what medical costs in general are (and I don't usually see that because of my health insurance) I realize that they're probably pretty reasonable.


My vet doesn't drive a fancy car. He cares deeply about my pets and is very pragmatic when discussing treatment plans and options - he usually suggests trying the cheapest things first unless waiting could cause more harm.


When I had horses, the vet showed me how to give my horse shots so he wouldn't have to come out and charge me to do it. And when I heard how much it cost to buy the Vet Van (a basic ford econoline customized for all the vet equipment) - I understood even more why his prices seemed high - it cost over 100,000!! - but boy did I appreciate it when we had a serious injury at the barn and he had to do surgery basically in the arena where the horse fell.

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Because if you feel a dental is too expensive at $130 and Heartgard is too much at $50 but you dont feel your vet is overpaid... then those 2 thoughts cannot add up.

Sure they could. There's an awful lot of overhead in running a vet's office and I bet that the vets only see a fraction of what they bring in. I doubt my vets are overpaid, but I know I'm probably paying a premium because they're in CT. I was quoted $225 to do a dental on my Beagle and I think that seems really high, but not because I think the vet is going to get rich off us.

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Guest mleg2001

Absolutely not! I had to pay for my own anethesia aver 20 years ago $300 each time plus 10 years ago had to pay for a biopsy surgery on my lip by a oral surgeon $280 only local freezing used not covered by Healthcare, I would hate to see what those costs would be today. I recently paid dental costs about $1500 for myself this involved one cleaning and polishing, a full scaling with a peridontist plus xrays. Sunny's dental which involved overnight accomodations, anesthesia, scaling, polishing, 2 extractions, some gum reconstruction and antibiotics came to $380. I sure am not about to complain about costs charged or about the quality of care that my vet provides. Another thought my family doctor does not need to maintain an operating theater, or diagnostic machines and the medications that go along with it, so his costs are a lot less, nor does he need the same level of education as my vet but he earns considerably more, I had one family doctor , who started doing all sorts of outrageous surcharging eg. a doctors note to go back to work was $50, to fill out an insurance form $80, a work physical $180 his reason was because his salary was capped by the government at $250,000 a year. I guess he thought by posting this tidbit in his office that his average family living on $30,000 a year would feel sorry for him.

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Maybe I'm just lucky? I've found vet fees both here (larger multivet practice) and in Atlanta-area GA (small multivet practice -- some vets part time) to be very reasonable.


For example, recently had 2 lumps removed and biopsied plus 2 follow-up visits for ... $120. The cat episode -- including some staples and antibiotics, some bandaging supplies, and several follow up visits ... a whopping $42. The current rabbit episode -- bunch of staples, bandaging supplies, antibiotics, and 1 follow up which included a bandage change and some more staples, so far ... $60. B's ultrasound and associated office consult with the specialist plus phone consult with my regular doc ... $80. Zema's 3-x-ray episode a few months ago ... under $100.


Maybe I'm just getting the quantity disount :lol, but if these people are getting rich, they're doing it at fair rates by me.

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I know if we have a serious diagnostic type issue, it will be around 100.00. Repeated appointments are usually only charged the first office visit. Medications are always 18.00 per dosing. The e-vet near us isn't that bad either, especially considering we aren't "regular customers"

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I have no idea what any of the vets that I've been to make. NONE. I know what it costs to go to vet school though...and at the U of M, that is a lot.


My vet is VERY reasonable. (For instance, today's neuter was $46 for the neuter, and another $70 for all the testing and shots (including Fel. Luk.) I think that's pretty darn decent. I don't think he could be making a killing.


He's a great vet and a good guy, and I REALLY appreciate his reasonable prices. I don't know what he makes, but I think he deserves it and more.

Tami, Nikki & Gypsy (non-greyhounds, but still pretty good dogs.) Deeply missing Sunscreen Man, Angel (Back on the Job), Switzler Festus and Joe (Indio Starr)

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Guest BetsieL

i think my vet's prices are fair for her services. the only thing i find on the bill that i don't like is a prescription referral fee -- a fee to write a prescription i'm filling @ the drugstore. my doctor doesn't charge me for that kind of service, why does the vet? everything else seems pretty average in pricing, we get excellent care and she loves the puppers and is very kind to scaredy girl trudy -- could not ask for much more.


edit: reading lynn's post about asking for prescriptions to fill online, i want to clarify that my above example relates to an anti-anxiety drug clyde is on that i fill @ the people drugstore, not something like heartworm or other canine-specific thing. i do believe in buying that stuff @ the vet because that sort of loyalty does help build our relationship. i don't think lynn was referring to my post specifically but i certainly get what she's saying :)

Edited by BetsieL
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Guest CambridgeGrey

I like my vet but I feel that they have high fees. I bet a lot of it has to do with the high cost of real estate in the area, but I know it feels prohibitive now that I am unemployed. I've been lucky in that both my pets are healthy and have not yet required expensive procedures. My first dod, Sydney, cost me a fortune in care (auto-immune disorder, died before his 3rd bday) sticks in central NY. My horses were unbelievably expensive, so comparatively the small animal vets are inexpensive.


I wish I could find a vet that made house calls (for routine care) especially now that I don't have a car.

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We love our vet. With that being said, there are five other vets in his practice. It's a large facility, with a big staff and adoptions available. What gets me is the $40 charge for a rabies shot, $37 for a fecal.


However, we always try to see the owner (as does everyone else) as he is so sweet and genuinely cares for the animals. He is open seven days a week and is there until 8pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He opens at 7:30 am. How's that for dedication?


He was there Thanksgiving last year when Inky had to go to the Bridge. Whatever it takes, he's always there and ready to help. Doesn't matter what time of night it is, he'll always call you back. We're still paying on Inky's bill and when we see the owner, he always gives us a break. I can't remember when, since Maui and Inky passed, that he charged for an office visit or nail trim. The other vets charge for office visits which are about $45.


The owner's a hero in our book. Oh, forgot to mention that he gets on the floor and plays and loves on the greys for the longest time. :P

Alice (missing 12/7/05), Wonder and Ben


And our beloved Bridge Kids... Inky, Maui, Murphy, Ragamuffin, Della and Natalie

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Where I work, loyalty gets you everywhere. If you're a client that goes bargain shopping at vaccination clinics and is asking for prescriptions to order on line, you're probably not going to get many breaks. OTOH, if you follow the vet's instructions on follow-up care, bring your animal here for routine care, etc, then there will probably be some price breaks that magically appear in your chart. Same goes for if you're just a nice, animal loving person.


We're not a clinic that makes its money in vaccinations and annual exams. The owner is well enough off, but that is after 20 years in practice. She's by no means *rich* and bends over backwards to accomidate my fosters. I can't imagine walking into a doctor's office and having a virtually unlimited revolving line of credit, and no questions asked about what critter I bring in.



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Guest Ferrevergrey

I voted it depends on the vet. My vet I don't think over charges or makes a lot of money off the animals. His prices are very reasonable. Some of the other vets in the bigger surrounding cities, however, I do think overcharge. The vet I take my ferrets to charges $50 just to walk in the door! When I was thinking about getting an unaltered kit, I was qouted everything from $85 to $300 to get her spayed! Sure, some vets are worth spending a little bit more money on. I'm not going to choose a vet on thier fees alone, but I think some vets do overcharge.

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Guest DemasMom

Hmmm. I think it really depends on the vet. Emergency hospitals are always very pricy. I don't know if their overhead is high enough to justify the prices or not. I've had to use them on a handful of occasions and I can say I felt the U Penn hospital in Philadelphia was WAY expensive where as the one in Tucson was much more affordable and willing to work with you. My primary vet is very reasonable. I have a hard time imagining that he lives 'high on the hog' with what he charges.

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I love my vet.. She is very sensible and conservative with treatment. A lot of vets are what I call Jiffy Lube Vets.. When you go in there, they are going to find a list of things extra that need to be done. So its always refreshing when your vet tells you that nothing has to be done.. even as a precaution.


My vet is also a housecall vet and she comes to my house.. The dogs love it. And so do I. Her fees are probably less than if I had to take them to a vet office. She came this week to see Belle. The total vet bill was 40.00. That was exam, housecall fee, expressing her anal glands, etc.. And while she is here, the other dogs wander in and get a look see as well because they all like attention and when the vet comes to your house, its just like another visitor that came to see them.. I highly recommend trying to find one for your animals.. Its worth it.... And another nice this is, if they tell you they are going to be at your house at 4:00 then usually they are on time. You don't have to take off work, go home, load up the dogs, take them to the vet, wait in the office with a bunch of other animals, then wait in the exam room for a vet to come in for 5 mins, then do everything in the reverse order. Even if the costs are higher for an at home vet, its worth it in the time saved... But this of course is just my humble opinion.. And I have been using Housecall Vets since the early 80s when I lived in Atlanta..

<b>These of course are just my humble opinions and in no way express the thoughts or ideas of the management, staff or members of this or any other board.. </b>
James River Greyhounds, Richmond VA
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i dont know what my vet is actually paid as her salery.


all i know is that i live in NYC and i pay TONS more for the same service that other people get in other parts of the country. i kno rent is higher, but it still seems like a huge amount more in vet bills.

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I agree with Lynn.


Establish a good relationship with your vet, stick with them, get all your meds from them. Pets are a member of the family, and your vet is part of the

family. I send my vet and staff a Christmas card every year with pictures

of our hounds and have for years. We walked into Cracker Barrel one night and

met our vet. We sit at the same table, shot the bull, and the vet stole our ticket and he paid

the tab. :P


Letting your vet know you are shopping

around on price isn't smart move.


I am sure some vets are like doctors (yea, I am in and out of ER

so I know about MD's) and they think they know it all, YOUNG and going

to save the world and try to charge for it. :lol


Today at work, we were talking about the "old time MD's" when they

used to make HOUSE CALLS. :lol OK folks, I am 46, so I remember

doctors making house calls. The biggest butt busting I ever got was

faking being sick, so I didn't have to go to school. Mom called the doctor

and he came to the house. After being checked out, doc said, he isn't

sick, just doesn't want to go to school. :lol Anyone tried to get a MD to make

a house call lately? Vets still make house calls.


Vet school isn't cheap............ Years of paying back loans from years

of training, but you can't be raped so they can try to get rich in ten

years and lay on the beach in Jamaica.


I don't see anything wrong with getting a second opinion from another

vet if I feel the need for it. I am sure some vets will recommend taking

your hound to a specialist or another vet as some MD's will send you to

another doctor for additional help or advice.


Probably the best advice on vets would be talking to other pet owners.


Don't slam your vet right out of the racing box (no pun intended)


Try to work with your vet.. If you can't, time to move on.

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Guest Jengonetothedogs

I always experience extreme wallet pain when we go to the vet. Anything that involves surgery/anesthesia is automatically $300+. And, for e.g., when I took Dottie in to have her foot looked @ last week, it cost me $25. for the 'Office Visit Focused', $16.80 for the 'Clip & Clean' and $20.70 for the 'Medium Bandage'.


On the other hand, they take wonderful care of my crew, are pretty Grey savy, and have a wonderfully patient & caring staff [vital, since, with my 4 canines & 1 feline, they have to put up w/ my running to them w/ worries about the Crew quite often!]. And, I always remind myself, I charge $45/hr for for my own time, so how can I complain when it's my family they're caring for?!

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I voted I don't know, I just love my vet. I have no idea what a vet actually makes, so I really can't comment, although imo it should be equal to or more than a human dr. makes because you have to know so much more.

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