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  1. It's been quite a long time since I've posted here and while I miss the community, it is going to be a quick in and out. I just uploaded an updated version of the Greyhound Health Packet that I wanted to let people know about. It does have a few updates from the last packet so if you have an older version... please take the time to update. If you haven't seen it... please feel free to have a look. The packet is located in the "library" section of our webpage under Greyhound Information. http://www.medinavets.com/library/ Hope some of you may find it helpful and please feel free to share with others and rescue groups. I know several groups use the packet but not sure how to reach everyone so tried reaching out here and on facebook and hoping the "word gets out".
  2. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation is having a contest to find America's favorite veterinarian. You can nominate your favorite veterinarian via their facebook page at the link below: https://www.facebook.com/AVMFdn/app_435422166534159 I nominated Dr. Guillermo Couto from Ohio State for all of his amazing Greyhound work. He's helped Greyhounds all across the country and even around the world and for as smart as he is... he is even more personable (as those who have met him will confirm). Anyway, just wanted to share for anyone that was interested!
  3. Laryngeal Paralysis may be something to consider in SOME older Greyhounds. I've seen this in some Greyhounds (including one of my own) and heat intolerance is definitely a symptom. The most "classic" symptoms are a "hoarse" bark or harsher panting/breathing. Just something to keep in mind.
  4. I think JJNg has made some great posts on this thread. A "heart murmur" is not something that should ever be treated... heart disease is something that should be treated. Heart murmur does not automatically equal heart disease. 1. It is normal for some Greyhounds to have "normal" (aka athletic) heart murmurs... although this are generally quiet in nature (grade 1 or 2). 2. Greyhounds have the appearance of "large" hearts on x-ray. Heart murmur information An echo by a cardiologist (as mentioned previously) is just about the only way to go to be sure of the diagnosis. It may cost $500 to see the cardiologist and get an ultrasound... but imagine how much more money you'd waste on Vetmedin if you didn't actually need the medication. If you don't have a cardiologist in your city... you can generally find one that isn't "too far" away at a veterinary teaching hospital. If Ohio State is possible, they have excellent cardiologists and they see a lot of Greyhounds. Dr. Bonagura at Ohio State is one of the top cardiologists in the entire country.
  5. I'd love the information if you have it. THANKS! : )
  6. Thanks for the early replies... I'm interested in experiences with either surgical or medical laser so the more the merrier. : ) Also... if your Grey was treated... did they have to sedate for the treatment? I know often medical laser does not require sedation but I would assume the surgical laser would. Thanks again!
  7. Has anyone had their Greyhound's corns treated with laser therapy? If so, would you mind sharing your experience and if possible any contact information you have for the veterinarian that provided the treatment. I'd like to gather more information on this treatment option. Thanks!
  8. Registration is now open for the third Greyhound Health & Wellness Conference at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine on Saturday April 20, 2013! The third Greyhound Health and Wellness Conference at Ohio State will present valuable medical information for Greyhound owners, adopters, trainers, and for veterinarians involved in the care of Greyhounds. Topics will include common diseases in Greyhounds, new advances in cancer genetics, a day in the life of a racing Greyhound, clinical pathology of Greyhounds, and special considerations in the cardiology and orthopedics of Greyhounds. A Greyhound orthopedic examination wet lab is offered to veterinarians (limited capacity, separate enrollment required). All sessions except for the wet lab will be offered to all attendees, and will be presented at the level of the general veterinary practitioner. CE Hours: 5.5 Cost: $100 for Veterinarians, $75 for Owners & Breeders A full program agenda is listed in the attached conference brochure. For more information online, please visit the conference webpage:http://vetmedce.osu.edu/ceactivities/conferences/?eventID=39370 Hope to see you there!
  9. Does anyone have any recommendations on good sources for "bad boy belly bands"? I bought a couple probably 8 years ago from different groups and one of them is nice and thick but too narrow so it often slides off the end of his prepuce and is obviously less effective. The other is wider but less absorbent. Hopefully I won't need them for much longer but moved recently and am looking to add a belly band or two while our big guy adjusts to the new house. THANKS!
  10. As the other poster stated... it just isn't opened yet. I wanted to post the date though as soon as we got it so people could try to "save the date".
  11. Save the date if you can... the annual Greyhound Medical Conference has a date... 5/21/11. Here's the link: https://vetmedce.osu.edu/ceactivities/conferences/index.cfm?action=coursesview&eventID=39171 More info. on-line later but wanted to get the info. out ASAP so people could try to make plans if possible. : ) Hope to see some of you there!
  12. Treat symptoms and not just the number... if she is doing well... leave it alone. : )
  13. Dear Greyt Greyhound Owner, We are excited about a future collaboration with Ohio State University to do a prospective trial on our Greyhound Corn/Callus Cream. In order to do this, we need you, greyt owners, to help us collect preliminary data and create a database as we head into our exciting endeavor. What we are asking is simple: Please, take a few moments to answer a few short questions in an online survey. Follow the link and complete the questionnaire, which should only take 5-10 minutes. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2CVR3RD Your help is greytly appreciated! We also welcome pictures of the greyhounds' paws before and after using the treatment. You can email them to erica@murrayavenuerx.com or mail them to the pharmacy (if not digital images). Your participation will help us further progress with this worthwhile cause. Thanks again for your interest and support, Erica and Susan Erica Trimble, PharmD Susan Merenstein, R.Ph./Owner Murray Avenue Apothecary A Compounding and Wellness Pharmacy 4227 Murray Avenue erica@murrayavenuerx.com Pittsburgh PA 15217 412-421-4996 www.murrayavenuerx.com
  14. Nope... it is just an abstract to the full article.
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