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3 weeks post op laminectomy, rear end paralysis, minimal deep pain sensation

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Hello all.. Penny is soon to be 4 and had sudden paralysis on 3/10 followed by MRI and surgery the next day.  She begins rehab this Tuesday.  Wondering if anyone here can share similar experience and how recovery and rehab went.  The most alarming thing so far has to be how quickly her muscles are atrophying.  We are of course doing a lot of passive range of motion with her, massage, and standing her over our legs.  Physio balls are a challenge as they don't fit a tall deep chested dog well.  Contemplating building her a custom padded stand in order to keep her up longer and move her legs more.  But it's only been 3 weeks and we just got the green light to take her to physical therapy.


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I don't have any advice, but I'm sending best wishes to Penny and you for a successful rehab.

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She may be able to do the underwater treadmill.  That should help her get her strength and mobility back.  I have no experience.  After our girl broke her ankle, she refused to get in the tread mill, but our neighbor's greyhound used it very successfully.  Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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No direct experience here, either.  Even if no access to an underwater treadmill, "swimming" in a heated pool with a life jacket to keep her skinny hound torso afloat would help.  I used to live in a place that had a dog training center with a smaller, above-ground heated pool inside for water therapy.  At first, a human had to get in the pool with the dog, either holding onto it or on a leash, but as dog got stronger and more used to the pool, gradually changed to dog in the pool by itself and humans on the outside rim taking turns calling it so it could get the most exercise.

I can't imagine a hound with a physio ball.  :lol  if it weren't so frustrating and scary for you.  Her PT will have lots of other ideas. 

Best wishes for Penny and her team.  Please keep us posted.  


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Hopefully you have a good physical therapy team to help you out.  Underwater treadmill was my suggestion too.  Plus, just time and patience.  It takes as long as it takes.  Fortunately, these dogs are so resilient and they surprise us all the time with what they can come back from.

I had a dog literally code out from a stroke in the back of my car on the way to the emergency vet.  They were able to revive her, but the e-vet told me to not expect her to last the night when I finally went home.  She couldn't move her limbs, was on oxygen and an IV, and generally looked horrible.  Three days later she bounded out of the clinic, just a little wobbly, and we left on vacation to the beach the next day where she proceeded to have a ball.  

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