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Harnes advice needed. Please help?

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This is a cross-posting. Sorry in advance!

Hello dear Grey lovers,
In my ongoing search for the perfect harness my final two candidates after a starting point of more than twenty, are:



Both in orange, because of the visibility on our grey Greyhound. We already have the Hurtta Weekend Warrior Collar and it is very well padded and very visible in the dark. It does get dirty quite easily, so it loses a lot of its bright orange.
My question for you is, is there anyone out there that has one of these two harnesses?

My dear Grey is now 6,5 months and it looks a bit as if the Hurtta misses out on the breast, it is just a little bit to loose. But I reckon that a 6,5 months old Grey will increase in breast muscle, right? Because with a little bit more of breast muscle it would fit perfectly. I'm leaning a bit towards the Hurtta, but for now (at 6,5 months) the Ruffwear fits just a little bit better. Both are more than capable of fitting a much larger dog, so I have to buy it on the grow.
The harness will be used as a first protection seat belt and secondly (also very important) for cycling tours (when he's old enough) with the Walky Dog Plus.
For walking the dog I use a little slipline. Any advice would be much appreciated. I have both harnesses for a couple of days and I have to make a decision without using them more than once.
Greetings, Herman Bril


The picture is when 4,5 months...


Im Anfang gab es nur das Wort

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Hi. The first thing I'd say is that your pup will grow bigger and change proportionally. I'd choose whichever harness seems the most comfortable for your dog now, with attention to freedom-of-movement around the shoulders especially behind the 'armpits', and consider buying another harness when the dog is adult size and shape.

I personally like the Haqihana harness, and would buy another if needed. They're fairly basic in construction but very good IMO for a long deep-chested dog like a grey. ☮

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stick with a collar- your dog is growing and you will be shocked at the difference in size in just a couple of months(been there). when you dog is over a year then you can almost figure out the correct size harness. ah, the biting the arm stage is about to approach! and remember the brain and body can't mature at the same time. adolescence is about to set in- everything your dog has learned will go out the window! have fun- the Ruffwear harnesses fit my dog when he aged(at 11) and needed some help w/ mobility. but i always stick w/ martingales or limited slip collars.

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