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My puppy bites me hard, bark at me and don’t listen.

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I have a greyhound puppy which is about 6 months old. I’ve got him when he was about half a month old.

But now with time situation got worst. My puppy bites every member of family whenever we try to pet him. He bites hard and bites our clothes and rip them. I tried to say no and shout but he does not listen and barks and get aggressive at us. 

he’s like the most aggressive and stubborn dog ever. 
i want him to stay calm and stop him bitting.

 Please help.

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What type of puppy do you have? How long have you had him?

Puppies, like babies, test everything with their mouths and their teeth are like needles which means a bite can be a shock. However some would suggest that shouting at your puppy is a way of giving him attention, so he might be biting you for attention. You need to reward good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour. You will need lots of patience and get everyone in your family on board with this.

Is your puppy really being aggressive or just being a puppy? How well equipped are you to deal with a puppy, as they are really hard work! If this is your first, training classes (if possible in your area at the minute) will help you and your puppy. If not, one-to-one training sessions with a trainer (find one who uses positive reinforcement methods) might be necessary.

I’m certainly not an expert in this field but I know enough to be sure that raising a puppy requires a reasonable amount of effort, input and consistency from the adopting family. I adopted mine when he was seven to be sure he was over the puppy stage. But there are plenty of people on here with more experience than me, and with different breeds, so hopefully they can give further direction.

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He might be teething so make sure he has toys that he can chew instead of you. When you tell him NO do it in a firm calm voice not an excited shout, pick him up and put him on the floor or in a pen so he knows play time is over and be consistent. Greyhound puppies are notorious for being hyper-active and needing a lot of exercise so good luck.

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I've raised many puppies over my lifetime and I'll say this: a Greyhound puppy was the HARDEST (and shouting never helps anything). Sounds like your puppy may be trying to exert dominance. I use short sounds like "eh!" to get a dog to break focus of the negative things they are doing. Once they look at me (since it's an abrupt sound, it usually works), I praise them for focusing. All dogs and puppies in my house must sit (or at least back off and stay, in the case of Greys who can't sit) as I sit food dishes down. I use the "eh!" sound to stop them if they try to move before I give them the "okay" release sign. Because "dominant" beings allow "subordinates" to eat (in the wild, the leader of the pack says when others can and can't eat), this helps establish me as a pack leader. Lots of praise and treats when the pup does something right. Even only for a moment. Like a kid, you want about 5x the amount of praise as negative feedback. You have to work to find those things.

If a dog tries to jump on me when I go to pet it, I'll say "eh!" and turn away from it then try again once it has all four paws on the ground. They quickly learn that paws on the ground = getting attention. 

For clarification, you said you got him when he was half a month old. Did you really get him at 2 weeks old? Was he bottle fed, then? 

Have you ever raised a puppy before? 

Finally, do you have a place where you can take puppy classes nearby? Those classes teach not only the puppy, but the owner how to behave and work together. 


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Felix was a hand!raised puppy. 6 month ain't easy! Plant spray works much better than yelling. A good series of  obedience classs and regime of playtime, walks and lots of exercise and use that crate after activities so he learns to nap. Sticking with a schedule will help. Yup, I remember the sumner of bitten arms. 

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