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  1. Mine is included in our Paw Plan. It's not insurance, but it covers all shots, one dental per year, wellness checks, CBC, spay/neuter, and at least a 20% discount on any other services. It's $65 a month, which is less than what one dental costs. ETA: I paid $1300 for Chase 10 years ago... he ended up needing seven extractions.
  2. I'm just itching to find out who our next pupper will be. It's looking like it'll be a brindle boy as the group mostly has them with one black boy. Since everything looks good on a black houndie, I'd love to see your BRINDLE photos with collars to see what I might like. My red fawn, Chase, was perfect in royal blue and my blue fawn, Lulu, was amazing in lilac. Red is currently what my Dobie girl wears.
  3. It's been about five years since I've had a Greyhound and I know dog food changes. We currently have a Doberman and she's on ProPlan Large Breed Sensitive Stomach. It's good to know I have a chance of this working with the incoming Greyhound.
  4. I have never heard of this! I hope it'll help my Doberman, too!
  5. OMG. I can't believe this thread is still going 10ish years later. You all crack me up.
  6. This is Lulu loving on my oldest just before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. She LOVED the tiny furless puppy. LOVED. And my oldest would stop crying if put next to her. I really wish Lulu had been able to be around her longer. My oldest as a newborn (she was bawling until I put her next to Lulu): And our pregnancy announcement:
  7. Originally from Michigan (where our two original Greyhounds were adopted from). We now live in western Washington state.
  8. I was wondering if you were still on here... it's why I added the photo! They were such cute, crazy puppies! LOL
  9. I remember you as well! So many names that I see that are still around... it's greyt!
  10. Thanks. She is missed horribly. She was a demon puppy on speed but she was the most wonderful adult.
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