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Carprofen And Kidney Disease

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Can a kidney impared dog have carprofen? I have my China girl and she just had a rip roaring blast running in my acre with her new sister. She' really limping now on her previously brken, poorly healed hind leg.

Her kidneys are very compromised.


I'd like to give her a dose tonight but vets are closed. And this doesn't warrant an ER visit.

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I wouldn't unless she is really uncomfortable. In the morning, talk to your vet about getting settled Galliprant, which is the only nsaid that doesn't have the same risks. And in the meantime, yes, you could safely give Tramadol and/or Gabapentin.


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With long term use it is thought that it can further compromise blood flow in the fine structures of the kidney, but you have to go for quality of life rather than extreme length of life really. One of my dogs with late stage CRF had issues with Tramadol concentration building up too high and causing heart arrhythmia, and had to be taken off it. Also a severe intestinal bleed from it can cause shock and organ failure. Treat a kidney disease dog under close supervision of your vet.

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