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Aggression After Hookworms/tapeworms

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My guy has been struggling with hookworms since we got him. He has been through 2 rounds of panacur and that hasn't been enough to get rid of them.


Recently we saw an actual moving worm in his stool which I'm assuming is a tapeworm (hookworms cannot be seen with the naked eye,going to call the vet when they are open on Monday).


He also has vomited a few times recently and had an accident in the house. His walks were especially bad this week too he didn't want to go anywhere.


We started him on a stronger dewormer as per the vet today, however he did something he's never done before. He snapped and barked at me randomly just from me petting him. I was petting him and he just went off, no growl just straight into an air snap.


He has never done this before and it really startled me. I know he's not feeling well, but this is my first dog and I was wondering if this is normal? Should I be concerned about this?

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He feels pretty crappy - no pun intended. Hooks can be really painful and the treatment can really make them feel awful. I know I can be crabby when I don't feel good, so it's not really surprising.


Try not to take it personally. He's not being aggressive or turning against you, he just feels horrible.


Also, you should read through the "hookworm" thread in Health & Medical about the successful treatment protocol developed to eliminate this resistant strain of hooks. It's quite involved and uses multiple drugs and can take months to finally get rid of them.

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I have a grey dealing with chronic hookworms currently also. We are doing the first of four 3-day stints currently, tomorrow is day 3. The Panacur makes my girl itch terribly, but she isn’t showing any signs of pain. I had a grey snap at me once to warn me of his pain. He had a major problem developing but it wasn’t visible yet. When I touched that area and he snapped he was telling me of his pain. (Side effect of poor chemo infusion - nothing for you to be concerned about.) I would think about where you touched him when he snapped as that area probably hurts.


Agree with greysmom to read the hookworm thread. It’s a hassle to treat. I also suspect he needs to visit the vet. He seems to feel worse than typical for a dog with hookworms. I say this not only from experience with my own hound, but also from experience bathing the greys arriving here off the track, almost all have hookworms and none have snapped as we bathed them. Best of luck.

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Internal parasites can make a hound very uncomfortable as can the antiparasitic. Best just leave the poor guy alone while he's going through the process. Wait until he comes to you for affection. If he had intended to bite you he would have. It was just a warning to back off.

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