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  1. I don't recall anything happening with us walking solo. We have tried the scenario where my wife walks him and she leaves, his first instinct is to follow her and not listen to me lol. I can't really put my finger on it. I have been thinking it's some sort of trust issue so I have been hand feeding him (which he loves). Doesn't seem to have made a difference with the walking though.
  2. I have a 3 year old male greyhound and we've had him for about 2 years now. My wife says he likes me best since I'm constantly petting him and he hangs out with me more often than not. Back when I lived in my apartment we used to go on solo walks daily together every morning with no issues. However, late last year we moved to a house in a new city. He never had any issues going on walks in the new city, in fact he seemed to really like it. However, one day he just decided that he doesn't want to go on walks with me at all. He will only walk if my wife is there or if my wife is walking him solo. If I walk with him myself he'll go maybe a block and then head home. He'll statue if I want to walk further and just heads straight home. I used to use a trick called "keep up" where I brought high value treats on the walk and gave it to him if he kept up walking with the command. But now that doesn't even work, he just uses it as a way to get easy treats and won't go any further. I've tried keeping the leash short and a few other things to no avail. Any advice? It seems he just doesn't care what I want to do but is fine with my wife.
  3. I think that's exactly it! He's smart and not only does he know where home is, but he knows that going there right after potty will get him fed. I'm getting a fence put in this week which is exciting, it'll be his first time with a fence and a yard. The problem is after he eats he really doesn't want to go for a walk, he just wants to lay down for a nap.
  4. Hey folks. I've had my guy for over a year now. Our routine would be we would go out for a walk in the morning before breakfast and we'd get most of activity for the day. However, recently we moved and we're in a new home in a new city. These days whenever I go on walks he goes out and goes for about a block, goes potty, and then decides he's done walking. He just stops and tries to turn around and go home. It's not a complete "statue" but he will flat out refuse to walk a foot further and goes in the direction back home. I've tried to get him to walk more but he just won't move an inch. He just demands to go home and eat and lay down and there's nothing i can do short of dragging him (which I won't do). He's having trouble hitting his daily exercise goal because of this now. Any tips on getting him to actually walk again?
  5. We've had our guy for a year now and we love him dearly. But ever since we got him he has had behaviors where he would lick his lips and yawn often. For example: - He will go and lie down next to me at his own leisure for pets (he loves belly rubs). When I start petting him he will "lick his lips". Basically his tongue juts out just an inch or so (not a swipe over the nose or anything). It won't happen constantly but it definitely happens as soon as I start petting him. - When doing tricks for treats he will lick his lips with a large swipe over the nose. Not sure if he's anxious or just really excited for the treats. - He yawns constantly. He'll stand up and yawn, he'll yawn sometimes while petting, he'll yawn during tricks, he'll yawn by himself in the other room with no one around. In general he's a very calm dude. He lets us pet him on his bed, no sleep aggression, plays with toys and frolics, great with strangers, loves to roach. But I've heard that licking lips and yawning are "calming signals" and since he does them often I wanted to make sure everything was ok. Any thoughts?
  6. Thanks for the advice! I was using "keep up" with treats and it was working for a little bit but as of late it isn't working much. I might try something like hot dog or bacon since he goes bonkers for those but doesn't get them often.
  7. lol sounds like we have an Ernie on our hands. He is pooping and peeing fine and he responds great to tricks for treats. We have had him for 7 months and his name is Rocko. He loves walks with the 3 of us on trails and he has done a 4 hour hike before no problem. But when it's not his squad he'd rather not walk at all.
  8. Unfortunately ball and Frisbee don't seem to do anything either. He has however been battling with hookworms since we got him. None the less he loves going on walks with the pack and we've done walks for hours before with no problem. But if it's just 1 person he doesn't want to move.
  9. My apartment does have a fenced in area but he won't do zoomies. He will just stand there. I bought a lure for him and he has no interest either. The only thing he went after was an RC car and he destroyed it in one day. Any ideas on how to get him to be active in the fenced in area?
  10. Hey folks. I'm experiencing a particularly strange behavior with my grey. When he is with his pack (myself and my wife) he does really great on walks. Also if he is with another dog (we take our neighbor's dog out on walks sometimes) he does quite well too. But if it's just myself or my wife walking him solo he refuses to walk. We basically have to drag him along and he resists the entire time. I have tried treats and a "keep up" command, but that only worked temporarily. Now he'll just ignore the treats and I'll have to drag him the whole time. My behaviorist recommended the treat method but it was no help in the long run. Anyone know why he might do this and what can be done? The schedule for my wife and I isn't always consistent so we can't always walk him together.
  11. Hey y'all. I've been wondering with all this talk of hookworms and treatment, did anyone see behavior changes (irritability, aggression) while you were battling hookworms and giving medication?
  12. Yeah his stools today were all liquid so he is not feeling well. When my wife went to pet him today he growled at her and he has never done that before. I'm trying not to take it personal but deep down I can't help but be a little weary of him.
  13. My guy has been struggling with hookworms since we got him. He has been through 2 rounds of panacur and that hasn't been enough to get rid of them. Recently we saw an actual moving worm in his stool which I'm assuming is a tapeworm (hookworms cannot be seen with the naked eye,going to call the vet when they are open on Monday). He also has vomited a few times recently and had an accident in the house. His walks were especially bad this week too he didn't want to go anywhere. We started him on a stronger dewormer as per the vet today, however he did something he's never done before. He snapped and barked at me randomly just from me petting him. I was petting him and he just went off, no growl just straight into an air snap. He has never done this before and it really startled me. I know he's not feeling well, but this is my first dog and I was wondering if this is normal? Should I be concerned about this?
  14. A strange man coming into a woman's bedroom unannounced while she is alone is a recipe for a horrible situation. I can't speak on the dog, but that guy crossed quite a few boundaries that he shouldn't have.
  15. So the Golden is back at it again. My wife saw our friend and her dog immediately jumped on my wife and knocked her back. My dog immediately snapped and barked at him for hurting his mom and the Golden went and hid. He was protecting his mom so I was proud. This was a week or so ago. Then today we saw the Golden on the other side of the street. My guy immediately recognized him and starting barking his head off at him. This is very much unlike him (he wants to make friends with all the dogs he meets) but it's clear he HATES this one particular dog. Is this common for a dog to just have an "arch nemesis" with one other dog? Should I just not have him around that dog anymore?
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