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Proper Weight


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New to site, first post.


Have had my 2.5 year old male Greyhound for 3 months. When I got him he was about 3 weeks off the track and weighed 67 pounds. His ribs were prominent. The adoption agency said he was lean and could use another 3 to 5 pounds.


I have been feeding him 2 cups of Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice with a little baked skinless chicken breast twice a day, about 1/3 cup. He loves it and it agrees with him. Solid stool,etc.


He now weighs 70 pounds and I can only see an outline of his last couple ribs. Just right to my untrained eye. He gets 3 good walks a day, 20-40 minutes a walk.


Should I cut back on the Purina to 1 and 1/2 cups twice a day to maintain his weight at 70 pounds? I want to continue with the skinless chicken breast. It helps maintain his coat.



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Taking a full cup per day out all at once may lead to him being hungry. I would back it off 1/4 cup at a time every 2-3 weeks until you see him maintaining the weight you want him at.


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it's the food that's doing wonders for his coat! pro plan is better than you think! no fat in the skinless/chicken breast. that's a tasty add on. sardines in olive oil are better for the coat. nupro supplement is a great topper, add water and it's tasty liver broth. my whippet is on pro plan/salmon and rice. his black coat shines like a mirror- no add in/on.


for an active 49#, 4 year old boy- jamie eats 1.5 c daily.

my older female at 1.75c(or less) and maintained 66#s

male who was 72-4# ate nearly 4 cups daily. if he looked heavy i cut it down 1/4c per meal.

my dogs generally walk 4 miles a day and play in the yard. when the weather is bad and they can't walk i always cut the food down.


i would try 1.75 cups per meal. that 1/4 cup makes a difference. also mind the snack situation. i'm not big on snacks. so basically it's kibble for calories.

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