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Ear Tip Bleeding

Guest odonnkim

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Guest odonnkim

Need help from anyone who can tell me how to stop an ear tip from bleeding. Our Greyhound burst a blood vessel in her ear from shaking her head vigorously and the vet wrapped it up but now it's bleeding again. Using stiptick powder, but is there anything else we can try? Thanks for your help.

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You need to keep her from flapping it around. Cutting a cylindrical strip of pantyhose and putting that over her head to hold her ears flat may work. I've done that in the past. Cake with lots of styptic first. You might also consider cold laser therapy as it can promote and speed wound healing.

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If you don't have panty hose, try the ankle/leg part of a sock

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Or a snood or the arm of a sweater - anything cylindrical and stretchy! You can also use vet wrap and wrap his ear to his head.


When our girl had an injury like that we used just a regular extra large bandaid bandage - like, 3x5 inches maybe - and folded it around her ear. With the wrapping and the bandaid it stayed on pretty long. Long enough to get the healing process off to a good start. You'll need to keep that ear from reopening longer than you think too.

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A long time ago a dog in my care got the tip of his ear bit off (by my own dog :(). The bleeding would not stop and a bandage would not stay on. We went to the e-vet and they had to wrap his whole head :( But that was the only way to get it to stop. It was not able to be sutured, but I think they did use some type of glue to bond it.

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