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Henry's Alt, Switching To Milk Thistle And Need Advice

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Yea! Henry's ALT value are way down (still well out of the range), but showing steady improvement. Between that, that the rest of his bloodwork (including liver) has remained completely normal, and he's his usual pain in the butt but adorable self, we agreed for now to drop to Denamarine 1x/day, & replace the second dose with milk thistle. If this goes well, I'm hoping (budget wise) to eventually get him completely onto milk thistle.


If you use Milk Thistle, and don't mind answering:


1) Are their brands you/your vet prefer (or warn you away from)?

2) What dosing are you using, what's your greyhounds approximate weight?

3) Is your greyhound ill, or do you just have elevated values?


Thank you.

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George had elevated ALT after being given Valerian Root extract to help with SA. The vet had never used it on a dog before. Anyway, she recommended milk thistle--and I ordered it from Amazon.com


Probably just stopping the Valerian root did as much as the milk thistle--but within 6 weeks he was back to normal. Sorry, can't remember what dose, but I know she didn't seem to care what variety I ordered.


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I had been using milk thistle on my hounds for liver support after each dose of heartworm. It is bitter tasting and the only way I could get them to take it was put 10 drops on a tiny piece of whole wheat bread. Let it soak in and then put peanut butter over it to mask the taste. My boy is 59 pounds and my girl was 78.

I also had to give milk thistle to one of my parrots for a liver issue. They flavored it like caramel. He would come over to the side of the cage and open his mouth for the drops.

I bought mine at my local health food store.

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Highly recommend Thorne Research's milk thistle:



Probably more expensive than some supplements you can find, but there isn't a lot of regulation in the supplement industry so I think it pays to find a quality company. Standard Process and Vetri-Science are my go to's specifically for veterinary supplements, Thorne for anything else.


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