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So I was prepared for my greyhound wanting to eat people food, I grew up with labs.


I was even understanding of him eating things on the living room floor, after all the floor is where food goes right?


I was not prepared for him going after my stash of nice teas that sit on a shelf in the living room.


They are tea


and they are not on the floor.



Even my labs didn't eat my tea.


I guess this is like any other 'counte-eating' dog issue.



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No certain advice, but depending on what was in those teas I would most likely call the vet.


eta~sorry, on tablet....

to expand.. I'd want to call the vet and run through the ingredients with them. I know me personally, most of my teas have caffeine in them (love chai)

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Loose tea or tea bags? Any caffeine? If tea bags did they have string and a staple? If so they should be small enough to pass through in small quantities but keep an eye out for distress or change in behavior.


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As someone suggested, talk to the vet and have a list of the types of teas and the ingredients and how many tea bags are "missing". Your vet may recommend calling the poison center for dogs or may want to take x-rays. They might also want to examine to dog to see if there is any abdominal discomfort.

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This is as good a time as any to remind folks about things being down low that you think a hound would never bother. They are curious. In addition to the tea noted above, things like prescription bottles and inhalers can end up being deadly. We've seen it several times here on GT, and it's the things that you really don't think about that can cause the most trouble.


Glad your hound is okay! You'll probably have to start brewing an extra cup though!


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