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Onion Pieces

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My question is would a couple of very tiny pieces of onion be toxic to a 70 lb. dog?


In the house I live in, there are 2 kids who cook with onions regularly. Sometimes they drop tiny pieces on the floor. Either they ignore the pieces or don't realize they've dropped the pieces. I mentioned early on that onions are toxic to dogs. Magic is not a huge eating stuff off the floor that he isn't supposed to but he will occasionally and he's never been a vegetable or fruit eater. After the kids are done cooking, I do go into the kitchen and do an "onion check". The biggest thing I've found is some onion skin.



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Guest greybookends

Carol I use lots of onions when I make my spaghetti sauce and I usually let the hounds hav a couple of small spoonfuls over their dinner and no one has ever gotten sick.

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If it's only little tiny pieces it won't hurt. But if for example onions or onion powder went it the dog's food every day then the effects would be cummulative.

I keep bulbs locked in a cupboard... but I know she dug out a daffodil bulb in the spring as i just found the flower, satlk and a hole in the ground. it made her ill for the rest of the day. The vet said she was big enough for it not to be very dangerous.

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Like chocolate, the effects would need to be cumulative, or a LOT of onion at once. A couple tiny pieces won't hurt.

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