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Boy Part Swelling...11Year Old

Guest Taras

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Ok GT. For the last month Treetop has been having a swelling issue on his boy part. Went to the Vet And all checked out. Vet said it was the the part that swells when dogs are mateing but Tree is going to be 11. Have any of you seen this before in older dogs. It comes And goes . It seems to go down once he pees . Should i worry.

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Don't worry about it. Even a neutered eleven year old can get sexually excited. There was an old, long-running thread on the forum about the boys and their "olives."

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Guest kirstenbergren

Finally a link to the ever famous "olives" thread. I've been waiting to read that. Lmao! PJ does the same thing when excited or really has to pee. I always figured it was a guy thing. Hehe.

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Guest FullMetalFrank

Yay! Finally an olive thread reference! We haven't had any new "classics" for awhile! On a serious note, one of Judy's (JillysFullHouse) boys had a swelling that turned out to be a nasty infection; so if it goes beyond normal "olives" don't hesitate to get him looked at.

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:lol I missed the old thread about the olives.


Yup, perfectly normal in males of any age. :) It just means he's happy. ;)

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