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Abcessed Tooth - Aack

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I am sure these prices are not out of line but Poodle has an abcessed rear left molar as well as another possible. Each tooth is only $12.90 BUT, when you are 13-14 years old there's the full bloodwork ($78) I.V. fluids ($42) in addition to the usual anesthesia, monitoring, etc. Comes out to $414. :eek It was $88 today for the office visit and Clindamyacin.


They discount 10% in Sept. and Feb. so it'll be $373 next Thursday unless more teeth need to come out, which will be minor. Most expensive dog from a K-Mart parking lot EVER.

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I know what you mean about pricy hounds. Just had a ramp built for Da Vid yesterday. Don't think he will ever be able to go down steps again. (3 months today since his back surgery). He broke a canine tooth a couple of weeks ago and my vet wants to just watch it because he doesn't need to have another surgery anytime soon. She pulled another canine tooth about a year ago and it was over $400. He bled for 2 full days. His jaw was swollen like he had a baseball in it. So, we will just wait. Hope all comes out well for you and your grey.

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