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Worms...question(And Yuck)

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I have been dealing with Mason's worms since March (at least). We did Strongid in March and May. The worms (hooks by the way) came back Thursday. We switched to Panacur and just finished the 3 day dose yesterday. This afernoon I found 2 moving, live worms in his poop for the first time. I also found a little blood. I'm not as concerned about the blood, I've seen it before when deworming but it's the first time I've actually seen live worms. GROSS!


Are the blood and worms normal after worming or is it time to call the vet AGAIN tomorrow?



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What did the worms look like? That sounds like tapeworms or roundworms.

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If you are seeing them they are probably tapeworms or some type of roundworm. Drontal Plus will take care of them, but check with the vet to see if you need to wait since you just finished the Panacur.


Normally, hookworms can only be seen under the microscope.

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Guest sirsmom

Tapes are found hanging around the anus and are sometimes in the poop and are small and white and sometimes missed by the vet. because there are 2 types of medicines (pyrantel pamoate and Praziquantal) and you want to be sure you are using the right one for the particular worm he has. I use Sentry wormx that contains both and is broad spectrum and even kills hooks but since you have already used Drontal its best to see the vet.

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Guest Audeamus

With hooks your dog can be become re infected through walking on contaminated soil. When Gir's gotten hooks before it took a few rounds of drontal and never letting him use the yard of the duplex we were renting in.

Drontal plus has been the save all, worm destroying magic.

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