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Passion's Acupuncture Today

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Passion had her 2nd acupuncture appt today. I'm lucky that she loves to go to the vet. She will go every other week. I suggested every week but vet said every other for now.





Her first appt, she had back end tremors the entire time. This time she didn't get them until about half way through the appt.


Kari and the pups.
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Passion 10/16/02-5/25/17

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We had such wonderful success when we took Shadow for acupuncture for back pain and hind end weakness. Although he was terrified of his regular vet, he *loved* to go to his acupuncture vet!


Tori now has some vague pain in her upper back area and hind end weakness and I will be taking her for her first acupuncture on July 11. I hope she has as great results as Shadow did!


I hope that the acupuncture does for Passion all that you are hoping it will!

Jenn, missing Shadow (Wickford Big Tom), Pretty Girl (C's Pretty) and Tori (Santoria)

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Carrie goes too-she was scared at her first appointment, but now she enjoys going. She does her treatments laying down because she also gets the electrotherapy.

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