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Nadir's Latest Bout With Incontinence

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After 4-1/2 months of daily accidents and finally 13 straight days of dryness I think I have found the cause of Nadir's latest run of incontinence . The last time he went through this it turned out rice was the cause. This time proved a little tougher trying to figure it out. The offending food and cause of so much frustration this time and just when I felt I'd never find the cause , turns out to be of all things fish. After eating TOTW Pacific Stream for nearly 2 years, now it seems even a few pieces of kibble will cause him to not be able to hold his urine. The next challenge was finding a kibble that doesn't contain fish. It's not easy I can tell you that , but thankfully the lady I was buying my TOTW from found Pure Vita Bison Entree with Sweet Potatoes and Peas and not a speck of fish to be found in it. He seems to like it, hopefully it will agree with him.

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Poor Nadir and poor you! Nadir is so lucky that you've done so much to make him feel better.


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Our holistic vet warned us that potato is another ingredient that can affect holding urine. I don't know if your TOTW had that or not. Sweet potato, on the other hand, does not have that effect.

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Well after feeding only 3 meals I hate this new food. I was feeding only raw beef prior to the new food and poops were small and firm. This morning I felt like I was bagging up behind a horse. I hate the thought of everyone here being on that food. It will make yard cleanup a pain. I think I'm going to do a combination of raw and this kibble until its gone and then just do raw for Nadir. I'll just have to keep up the vigilance of watching Nadir during mealtimes, picking up all dog bowls after feeding and making sure no fishy kibbles are left on the floor for him to get. The rest just do so well on TOTW.

MaryJane, I had him on a very strict elimination diet during which for quite a while he only had fish that I cooked for him. He was not getting any better and was actually getting worse. When I switched to beef I saw an improvement, but then he'd have a setback. It wasn't until I realized he was swiping food from the other dogs' bowls. It seems all it takes is a few pieces of kibble to cause a problem.

Greyhead, thanks for the info about potato. I think if I try adding something to the beef I'll try maybe lentils and avoid potatoes.

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i was feeding a premium food and on recommendation of my vet switched over to a "regular" food. we went thru months trying to figure out what was going on w/ felix's excessive urination. it all started after i tried costco's nature's domain....mmmmmm.... blood work/numerous urine test of numerous degrees all showed normal #s. it's frustrating, but i really do wonder if the rice was causing the incontience. has he been treated for relaxed sphynicter muscle? that was the first thing that happened, leakage while sleeping- a couple of times of course on me!we did one week of des and the leakage cleared up(that was 4 months ago).


but the symptoms changed, this time it wasn't leakage- just bursting bladder and tanking up on water.we also ended up treating him for diabiets insipidus, vasopressin tannate 5 units. you would have noticed if your dog was drinking the quanity mine was.


what i ended up feeding, (after trying a couple of brands which also left a huge amount of waste products that were not easy to clean up)is nutro large breed- 24% protien, good amount of fat and his stools and coat are perfect.i can't check to see if there is fish oil in the ing. but fish oil can react differntly than fish itself. many foods have chicken fat, which is processed differntly than chicken meat. in the past he did not tolerate lamb, go know.


i presume he has been tested for a uti and kidney functions, yes?

how old is nadir?

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This time thankfully was not as bad as the first time. That time he got to the point of not just dribbling or leaking urine while he was laying down. It would come out in a flood. This time he was not able to hold it until I got home from work. And the time he was able to hold it was decreasing.

He was tested both times for UTIs several times. Last time he was on a long course of strong antibiotics, which didn't help, even though the tests came back negative . This time he was tested twice and because of his past history of food sensitivity causing this problem wanted me to try to determine if it was something in his food.

Now that I've got him off the TOTW and the fish I had been feeding he's not having any problems holding it, in fact, where he was peeing everyday sometimes after as little as 4 hours he now is able to hold it even though I have started to have to work overtime.


Edited to add Nadir is 10-1/2. The last time this occurred he was 7-1/2. Funny thing is is that both incidences occurred during about the same time of the year and both times it took me about the same amount of time to figure out.

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