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Da Vid Goes In For Dental

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When I brought him home he was still bleeding a good bit from his mouth. He paced and bled everywhere for a couple of hours. His lower jaw is swollen really bad and his tongue is hanging out of his mouth. He finally drank a little water and I crushed two pain pills up and dissolved then in water and took a syringe and tried to get it down his throat. I probably got one pill down and the rest all over the kitchen. But it must have been enough to help him as he passed out on the living room floor. He has since settled on one of the dog beds and is resting. I offered him food about 3 hours ago and he did not touch it. I may offer him some later if he wakes up enough. That tooth is HUGE!! Vet said all of his teeth are worn badly and she figures it was from the crate during his track days. I know he bent the heavy duty wire in his crate when I first brought him home. This is not one of those "blue light special" crates..it is heavy duty wire. Anyway, there was a big absess under the tooth He bad been on antibiotics for two weeks, but they did not help the absess..

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Thanks everyone. He is better today, but the tooth hole i really big and he seems to be in a little pain. The vet said to give hime between 1-3 Tramadol every 8-12 hours. I just gave him 1 at his dinner and will give him another at bedtime. I have also been giving him probiotics since he is on clinamycin every 12 hours. Bad thing is the vet said ALL of his teeth are bad, but not absessed yet,

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