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Osu Today For Limping

Guest peacehound

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Guest peacehound

We spent the day at OSU today, looking for answers to why Peace is limping on and off for three years with the latest bout the worse and not responding to deramaxx..several specialists checked her out and we were so relieved to hear two different ones say no bone cancer! anyways, it looks like her shoulder is the culprit, joint damage, arthritis..we have some options and wanted any suggestions from greytalk. She can go off the NSAID and get steroid shots monthly or every six weeks depending on how it goes but those shots scare me, lots of potential side effects..she can try Aquaden?? spelling? shots twice a week for a month and then less often if it works and wean down to the lowest dose of deramaxx and perhaps someday even go off of it..they also suggested physical therapy so I need to search for one in Northeast Ohio..anyone have experience with Aquaden? seems like the option with the least risk of side effects and we will look for a dog therapist..OSU is awesome, friendly staff who seem very competent.

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Guest DylanGospel

Our Gospel once had a similar condition, and I also feared the worse. Our vet discussed adequan shots, which we opted to do. They worked very well, and he only needed one complete course.


You might check into chiropractic and/or accupuncture if your vet thinks that either of these might help along with the adequan shots.


This was a few years back, and his limping has never returned since he had the treatment. Good luck- we all react with the same fear when there's even a hint of cancer.

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So glad to hear the good news! yay.gif All the better because you know they know what they're looking for. wink.gif


I would definitely try Adequan & a PT. Did OSU have any recommendations for one?


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I would start by adding a fish oil supplement, as well as a joint supplement if you aren't already using one and see what relief she can get from those. Then I would explore adequan, etc. I really like acti-flex for the joints and use icelandic salmon or anchovy oil, work up to at least 3 pumps per day but I might go a little higher if her stomach can tolerate it.

Glad its not cancer!


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One of my horses has small bone spurs in his hocks, along with some mild arthritis.

He has been on monthly Adequan injections for over 3 years and it has made a huge difference. I ran out last fall and did not bother to pick up any more as he was doing so well.

By January, his old subtle lameness issues reared up again. I immediately put him on the loading dosage and he was so much better within 2 weeks.


Chiro/accupuncture have also helped him.


I have no experience in using it on dogs.


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Adequan is seeming to work well for Shane. Acupuncture/chiropractic haven't been enough.



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