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Memory Foam

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Guest mcsheltie

I have. Works greyt! I got some on eBay for $15 and free shipping - link


If you have shredded foam beds, you can order a box of foam from Victoria Peak and add to the stuffing. It keeps its shape longer than any shredded stuff I have had.

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Guest dragontearz

We have a couple foam places down here that you can go in to and buy bags of scrap memory foam in small scraps from..I've done it before, and am getting ready to do it for Oberon's bed - I've also gone and bought bags of compressed stuffing and crammed it in the dog beds if they have the zipper to do so.

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I used two of my old memory foam mattress toppers for dog beds. Cut them into the right shape and size, they are great and the dogs love them. I put the fluffy stuff on top of the foam so they have the best of both worlds.

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