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Sensitive Teeth/gums - Any Way To Help Until A Dental?

Guest iLoveLucie

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Guest iLoveLucie

Our new guy has some gnarly teeth! Our coordinater indicated we need to brush them everyday, which was no problem since we brush our girl's teeth every night.


It's only been about a week, but every time we brush our new guys's teeth, we see a little pink on the brush. We are trying to be gentle, but it still might be too much. I also noticed yesterday some pink/blood on a few of the toys he's been playing with/chewing on (tennis balls/stuffys).


I'm working to schedule a dental for him since it has been a year since his last one. In the meantime, any suggestions on ways to help prevent the bleeding at home before we can get to the Vet? We give our girl a rawhide chew once a week to chew on/help her teeth, but I think this might be too tough for him at this point and I don't want to aggrevate anything.

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Guest jaws4evr

I think it’s pretty normal for gums to bleed if there’s any inflammation, which there usually is if a dog needs a dental.


We had the same issue with our dogs, and our vet told us (after checking that there were no lesions or wounds), that the brushing is a good thing even with the bleeding, since it improves circulation in the area and removes debris. She said not to worry about the bleeding at all as long as the dog isn't in pain during brushing, and again as long as there aren’t any cuts/wounds/open sores or anything of that nature.


We saw a huge improvement in gum health, and reduced bleeding to nothing in a surprisingly short time of regular brushing!

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We've had good results with PetzLife Oral Care Spray with our grey that has problem teeth.

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I use Tropiclean Fresh Breath Mint Foam and the Gel product. They work very well.. I've gotten them at Petco but they can also be purchased on-line. Also, baking soda made into a paste on a face cloth and rub gently over teeth and gums.

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