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Dog Flu

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Guest Energy11

We seem to see this EVERY YEAR around this time. The Bordetella Vaccines is usually not effective for this.


NOT a good time to board dogs or take them to doggie parks! :-(

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I just saw a story on this on our local news. They didn't say if we had any cases locally or not though.

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Guest Energy11

Id be sure they are vaccinated against Bordetella, keeping them away from other dogs, AND disinfecting if you, say, work at a vets or kennel, etc., is about all you can do. If is kind of like when WE get the flu shot. It isn't always effective, and staying away from others infected, and handwashing really helps the spread of it.

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If you work in a kennel or vet clinic - One other thing we used to do at the race kennel and adoption kennel was keep a tray with diluted bleach water to disinfect our shoes before we went home or into the kennel (if there was sickness on the compound). A cookie sheet works well.




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I've been certified to fit test the N95 masks.


Want any of your needle noses fit tested? :rolleyes: (I don't think they'll pass)


In all seriousness. The bleach bath works. So do those little disposable booties.


And if they need to go to the vets, keep them in the car until the last minute if you can.



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One of the vets that our adoption group uses thought that my newest foster had this flu. He had the sympyoms and came from a shelter in NYC. He was negative thank God. This was on 8/9. Lrts hope they can get rid of the bug.

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It's scary for all dogs but especially for dogs like my Beau who has a surpressed immune system and no longer gets ANY vaccinations. We have to make double sure .



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Id be sure they are vaccinated against Bordetella,

Is canine influenza related to bordatella? I thought they were different things & that's why there is a separate flu shot.


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The latest from ProMED:


Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 08:45:50 -0400 (EDT)

From: ProMED-mail <promed@promed.isid.harvard.edu>

Subject: PRO/AH/EDR> Influenza, canine (H3N8) - USA




A ProMED-mail post


ProMED-mail is a program of the

International Society for Infectious Diseases



Date: Tue 18 Aug 2009

Source: Discovery News [edited]




Canine influenza, the potentially deadly H3N8 virus commonly known as

dog flu, is spreading. So far the virus has led to the death of one

dog last week [week of 10 Aug 2009], closed down the kennel at

Virginia's Fairfax County Animal Shelter, and, according to experts,

is now affecting dogs in at least 4 other states: Colorado, New York,

New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


While the reason for the shelter outbreak, which killed a 15-year-old

whippet owned by a clinical technician and sickened 26 dogs, remains

unknown, it's possible that one or more infected dogs from

Philadelphia or Washington DC introduced the illness to Virginia.


"Dogs often move in and out of shelter systems over long distances,

such as via breed and rescue groups," Edward Dubovi, director of the

virology center at Cornell's Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory,

told Discovery News.


"Boarding kennels and even elite doggie day care centers can also

result in cases, since, as for kennel cough spread, the virus is

highly contagious and dogs may catch it from one another," added



He first isolated the canine influenza virus in 2004, after

University of Florida researchers sent him fluid and tissue samples

from greyhound race dogs that had died from a then mysterious

respiratory illness at a Florida racetrack.


Dubovi and his team determined the cause was the H3N8 equine flu

virus, which jumped from horses to dogs. In addition to spreading

from dog to dog, canines can also catch it from humans, who may have

come into contact with infected animals.


The illness has not yet sickened any people.


Signs in dogs can include fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, and a

respiratory infection that may last a few weeks. One to 5 percent of

victims die from related hemorrhagic pneumonia.


Although 30 states have reported cases over the past 5 years, Dubovi

said outbreaks are "usually sporadic and then die out." "For example,

we've seen outbreaks in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh, but

those all ended," he explained.


As officials work to contain the Virginia cases, nearby states and

cities are also on guard.


Tara deNicolas, a spokesperson for the Washington Humane Society,

told Discovery News, "No cases are currently in our shelter." She

added, "We're being very proactive, however, and are ordering tests

whenever any possible symptoms surface."


Just last month [July 2009], a vaccine was released for canine

influenza. Dubovi said that, "in clinical trials, it reduces viral

shedding and diminishes signs" of the illness. It's given in 2 doses,

3 weeks apart.


Dubovi would like to see "blanket vaccinations in affected areas, as

it would be nice to get this virus out of the dog population."


The virus at present is more adapted to horses than to dogs, so

wiping out the illness now would prevent future possible mutations

within canines.


Since dogs are in regular contact with their owners and other people,

the illness could potentially spread from dogs to humans in the

future, he suggested, given that it has already jumped from one

species of mammal to another.


More bad news appears to be on the horizon. Next month [september

2009], Dubovi said he will announce the discovery of yet another new



In the meantime, researchers continue to study why some viruses jump

species, and what can be done to eradicate these illnesses.


[byline: Jennifer Viegas]


- --

Communicated by:

ProMED-mail Rapporteur Susan Baekeland


[This article sounds like cliffhanger soap opera television show:

next month he will announce the discovery of yet another new virus.


What is his motivation for waiting to make the announcement?

Marketing of another vaccine? Further confirmatory research? Or

waiting to see if it is already loose in the population? One conjures

up many endings to such a tease line, but let us hope the delay is

because of on going research for exact confirmation.


When dealing with canine influenza, it is critical to get early

medical intervention to prevent the death of the pet. We will all

welcome a licensed effective vaccine.


It is equally important to emphasize that this virus has not affected

people and is not a threat to human beings. - Mod.TG]


[Virginia and the other states mentioned can be located on the

HealthMap/ProMED-mail interactive map of the US at

<http://healthmap.org/r/00I3>. - Sr.Tech.Ed.MJ]


[see also:

Influenza, canine - USA: (NJ) 20090704.2405


- ----

Influenza, canine - USA (PA): corr. 20070802.2495

Influenza, canine - USA (PA) 20070801.2482

Influenza, canine - USA (Multistate) 20070208.0502


- ----

Influenza, canine - USA (FL) 20060620.1703

Influenza, canine - USA (WY) 20060503.1279

Influenza, canine - USA (multistate) 20060325.0921


- ----

Influenza, canine - USA (multistate) (03) 20051002.2883

Influenza, canine - USA (multistate) (02) 20050925.2830

Influenza, canine - USA (multistate) 20050923.2811]




Coco (Maze Cocodrillo)

Minerva (Kid's Snipper)

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