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Henry Family From Ohio

Guest heidihvt

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Guest heidihvt

Hello! Heidi Henry here. My husband, David, and I adopted Spencer aka New Import, our first greyhound, just over 1 month ago. I finally got hooked into Greytalk and wanted to introduce ya'll to the Henry Family.


David and I have been married for 6 years. After residing in New Orleans (military), then Detroit, we have now come back to our hometown of Sandusky, Ohio.


David served 4 years in the Marine Corps as a percussionist and is now a mechanic for a local vending company.


I just finished my last semester of tech school (hallelujah!) and looking to become a registered technician come January. Although I'm not registered I have been a tech for 6 years now and am the head tech at my present hospital. My experience has been in hospitals ranging from a large 8 doctor hospital to a smaller 2 doctor hospital, and I've found that no matter where I'm at I absolutely love what I do.


Enough about us....let's get on to the important stuff...our kids. David and I only have furry kids and don't ever plan on changing that. I know you will all understand when I say that they truly mean the world to us and we do consider them our children.


Viking is a 6 year old rat terrier. I had never lived without a pet so upon getting married and relocating to New Orleans we began our search for a dog. We ended up making an impulse purchase at the local pet store (gasp!) Knowing what I know now about pet stores I would never have purchased him, however he was the best first purchase we made after getting married. To make a long story short, he lead me to my current profession and actually helped me get my job. He's an awesome dog with such a great personality. He's a live wire and you can be sure that you'll tire before he does when you play ball with him.


Lily is a 5 year old chihuahua. After being abandoned at the hospital New Orleans David and I adopted her. She had a serious history of vomiting and diarrhea, but that was the least of her worries. We didn't think she'd even make it through the first night at the hospital. But she did and we did everything possible to make her better. We performed exploratory surgery with biopsies to find that she had Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We tried every medication and food known to man, including homemade diets. Our lifestyle changed and we even pulled up all the carpet in our house and renovated the hardwood floors. Then, finally for some unknown reason, all of her symptoms lifted. She now eats normal food, plays, and only occasionally has bouts of IBD. Most people would've given up, but we couldn't. We took her on, promising to make her feel better. It was a long time coming but well worth the wait. She's as sweet as can be to humans and absolutely adores being loved on but she's definitely our pack leading princess with an attitude when it comes to all the other pets in the



Then there's Natchez and Jax. They're our two domestic short-haired cats, both 6 years. Natchez is a calico whereas as Jax is a tabby. We rescued Natchez through an organization in New Orleans and Jax was another rescue from my hospital. One of my fellow technicians found him after being hit by a car and rushed him in. No one ever claimed him, so we did. We were lucky enough that they have awesome personalities and get along with Viking and Lily.


So as you can see with our other pet's histories, Spencer fits in perfectly with his history of a fractured pelvis. David and I have been pushing the idea of adopting a greyhound around for quite awhile now, however the time was never right. Recently a coworker showed interest in adopting so I told her to speak with a client that had one, Traci Hamilton. I was just planning on tagging along to a M&G. Save a Fast Dog rolled around, my coworker couldn't attend, but my husband already had in his mind that he wanted to go, so we did. Little did we know we'd be finding Spencer and filling out an adoption application that day. After a couple trial days we made it official by adopting Spencer and things have never been better. Everyone's getting along, he has a wonderful appetite, he's starting to fill out a bit, and absolutely loves our backyard. He just got clearance today to be able to run.


If anyone's interested we have a couple sites....a blog where I ramble on (like I've done here). I write nonsense but also updates on what's going on it our lives, and more importantly with the kids:



And then our Flickr picture site:



Whew! Sorry for being so long winded, I'm not always like this I promise. We're looking forward to getting to know ya'll.


Heidi Henry









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Guest VanillaBean

WWWWWWOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! About time you got on here and stopped lurking! :D

Now, more piccies of Sir Spencer please!

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:welcome Hi and welcome from So Cal! Spencer is very handsome and the rest of your clan is cute too!

Paula & her pups--Paneer (WW Outlook Ladd), Kira & Rhett (the whippets)
Forever in my heart...Tinsel (Born's Bounder - 11/9/90-12/18/01), Piper, Chevy, Keno, Zuma, Little One, Phaelin & Winnie
Greyhound Adoption Center ~ So Cal rep for Whippet Rescue And Placement

For beautiful beaded collars, check out my Facebook page: The Swanky Hound

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Guest IrskasMom



What an Introduction ...... woooow . Heidi and David it's great to have you here :wave:wave:wave:wave WELCOME

The Opportunity to greyt Help and fun People. Sir Spencer is gorgeous and so are the rest of your Clan.

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:welcome Heidi and your lovely family!

Spencer is gorgeous--I love his little white paws up in the air in the roaching picture!


Rita, mom to Dakota (Dakotas Dream) & Wish (Kiowa Wish Wish) and my angels

Toby (Sol Marcus) and Robin (Greys Robin Hood)

Forever missing our beloved Robin and Toby

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France

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:wave Welcome and hello from Arizona!


My grandparents lived in Kenton, OH when they were alive. I remember visiting Sandusky when we would go back for visits.


Your pack o' pups are wonderful.

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.


Living a GREYT life at the Hound Hacienda - Clarkdale, Arizona

Always missing our angel hounds; Parker, Lacey, Bella, Figgy, Macho, Aspen, Kingman and Tillie

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