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  1. Please add Bella Deerfield Cover (Covergirl)
  2. Mine went from $91.54 to $116.59 for Jasper and Jack. Jasper's meds are more than that each month so I'm not complaining. Jack almost never has issues so if I only had him I would be very unhappy! It's probably dogs like Jasper that are causing everyone to get the large increases.
  3. Gorgeous pack ! Hope Zander continues to do well.
  4. That's wonderful. Hope he has a long, long life!
  5. I'm so sorry. And if bringing their ashes home is gross, I am guilty. I have 5 dogs on my mantle and they are to be buried with me. I hope you and Barkley are doing better today.
  6. I'm sorry Nancy. I hope he has lots of time left.
  7. I got it from Entirely Pets through Amazon for 71.99.Or around that !
  8. He was so handsome and happy. I am so sorry.
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