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  1. I am so very sorry! We will all miss Rocket. Hugs to you and Chris.
  2. It's a Q-See system and you can get a bundled deal from Costco from time to time via the web site. DH is a tech geek and does this for clients when they need it.
  3. We did not get her Mom until she was 9 and she is still very active at 11 with her toys and generally in everyone's business and running the household. She is the one I always have to chase out of the kitchen when I am cooking because she is always present and informed if you know what I mean. We adopted another one of her daughters last year named Mary and she is quite different, very cuddly and lovable and for the most part very mild mannered. Then this hot spotty mess came along and NOW I understand how her Mom must have been in her earlier days. Like I said at 11 her Mom has not slowed down at all, she just has more restraint now days so YES I expect that Sissy will keep us on our toes for many more years to come. Gosh I LOVE these kids
  4. Thanks everyone! I am happy to report that still no soreness or residual effects from Sissy's big adventure. I guess it is good to be young
  5. Actually we watched the replay together trying to figure out exactly what had happened. We were both in shock. Good thing we were home or we would have come back to a flooded kitchen because when she jumped up there she hit the faucet and turned it on and it was turned around and flowing all over the counters and onto the floor. YIKES!!!
  6. And thankfully she was not hurt. It looked worse than it really was. She has no tenderness on her side thank goodness! Ironically I was in the other room on a conference call and I was becoming more annoyed because I thought hubby was making all kinds of noise in the kitchen. And yes I LOVE her kiss spot on the top of her head.
  7. Okay so this is Sissy our newest houndie. She is the daughter of our 11 yo Bee. She is 4 and quite the busy girl and truly her mother's daughter. Here she is with her Mom, And here is what we caught her doing today on the doggy spy cam. Hubby had put some meat in the sink preparing for the morning feeding and had walked outside for a couple of minutes only to come back inside to find stuff on the counter all knocked over an the water running all over the counter tops. Brings a whole new meaning to counter surfing. LOL! Enjoy! I can see this hot spotty mess is going to be quite a challenging delight
  8. k9fun


    I am so sorry for your loss. He was so very loved
  9. You are soooo right, Dorsey dogs are the BEST. Many wonderful stories over the years and we did get the privilege to visit the kennels 3 times and each time we were welcomed with kindness and you could just see the care, concern and love they had for the dogs. Greyt pictures! Jimmy and Leah are so photogenic
  10. Love the pictures, thanks for sharing. I hope we can make it there one of these years
  11. What a sweet tribute. Run free Marx and deepest sympathy to those he left behind. You are missed.
  12. Awwww sweet Lima, she was an awesome girl! Glad you got your media back, so valuable! Thanks for sharing!
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