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Some Prayers For Roo, Please

Guest Mom2RooAndLexi

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Guest RooMomma

Hi everyone. Its been a terrible day here. Roo and I were supposed to go to a greyhound hike and picnic today, but I was awake with insomnia until 5 am and decided I wasn't up for it. Well I should have just gotten up and gone to the picnic. I did get up around 8:30 to open the back door so the dogs could go in and out. When I woke up at 11:30, Teddy was standing there next to the bed, wagging his tail, with blood all over one side of him. Woke me up very fast. There was a dog fight that I somehow didn't hear. The blood on Teddy was actually Roo's. Roo is at the emergency vet right now undergoing surgery to clean out, debride, and close up a huge wound on his left shoulder. I feel absolutely sick. He also has puncture wounds on his head. Teddy has some patches of hair ripped out, and a cut above his eye that could use a couple stitches. It will heal ok without them, though. They must have fought over a squirrel sighting. The carpets are covered in blood, you can see the trail Roo took. He came in from outside, and came to my room and stood there next to my bed. He didn't make a sound, so I never woke up. Then he went into another room and lay on the bed, the comforter is full of blood. Then he went to his crate. All that bedding is bloody, too. I'm just beside myself. Roo will be able to come home this evening. Who knows how many staples/stitches will be holding him together. If you could send poor Roo-Roo some healing thoughts, I'd really appreciate it. He is such a sweet soul. He limped into the emergency vet waiting room, wagged his tail, and went up to the nearest person for lovies. The staff fell in love with him immediately. I was able to go back to the run to say goodbye to him. I can see the pain in his eyes, but he doesn't let out a sound. This is going to be a damn long day, waiting for him to be able to come home.


I've done two loads of bloody laundry, and I'm now going out to buy Teddy a muzzle. Roo has his track muzzle. They won't be allowed out unsupervised without them from now on.


Here is the before picture. I'll post an after pic when Roo gets home.


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It looks awful, but I've seen that kind of wound up close and personal. One of the hounds at Sandy Paws got caught on the stair railing and ripped his side open. I was holding GIJenn's sweatshirt over it as she was preparing gauze pads. We got him to an emergency vet and they put in a couple of layers of stitches. He healed up fine and so will Roo. :bighug for all of you.

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Guest PhillyPups
:bighug to you, Roo and Teddy. It can happen so very very fast, and the hounds that are truly injured are so stoic. I know when Stepper degloved his leg, he never made a sound, I just saw the blood, was checking paws/pads for blood, pulled his leg out and saw the skin missing, two surgeries later, he is fine, but it is very scarey.
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Guest SoulsMom

Oh, that's awful, I'm so sorry! Sending good vibes he mends up well, he sounds like such a good boy.

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Yeeks, what a nasty scare! It does look *urp* but should heal just fine. Hugs and best wishes for easier times ahead.

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Guest LolasMom

Goodness, I'm so sorry. What a shocking way to wake up. :o

Lots of prayers and healing thought that Roo feels better and heals up quickly and painlessly :hope:candle

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Guest guinness_the_greyt

Their thin skin always tears sooooo badly. Luckily hounds are good healers! :grouphug Hugs to you, Roo, and Teddy! Hope he's on the mend and back to his oldself in no time!

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Poor Roo and poor Teddy also, they were probably both really scared. Sending prayers for good healing. :hope

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Sending prayers for a speedy recovery. I am so sorry! :grouphug


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Ouch! Poor Roo. Sending healing thoughts.


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