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Luna, The Best Dog Ever (a Long Post)

Guest fountainpengwen

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Guest fountainpengwen

We had recently lost our Giant Schnauzer, Maggie, when we began thinking of getting another dog. My mom’s friend called her and said, “I’m at a pet shop, but I’m not leaving until you come to see this puppy.” She did, and we were hooked. We hate the thought of buying dogs at pet shops, but we couldn’t resist this puppy. They said she was a Weimeraner mix, but later we learned she was most likely a Catahoula mix. On the way home from picking her up, she climbed onto the back dash of my dad’s car and pooped. Crazy puppy. That night at home, I walked her around the circle in front of our house for hours, and she still wasn’t tired so I plopped her down on my lap and held her there as she fought to keep her eyes open. We searched for a perfect name for her, and when I thought of “Luna” we knew it was perfect. Since she was so crazy, she became “Lunatic,” and when we decided to give her a ridiculously long name, it was “Schwarzenwalderkirchentortelunebergerheide.”

Luna was the Best Dog Ever, and always will be.

She was absolutely insane, and didn’t show any signs of slowing down until she was 10 (and then, as my mom said, she just acted like a 4 year old lab).

Luna broke a back leg as a puppy, and still was able to jump out of the pen we kept her in to “keep her quiet.”

Luna had one grey leg and one black leg, and she knew which to give you if you said “Grey paw,” or “Black paw.”

Luna HATED having her nails trimmed, but would let you do anything else to her.

Luna loved people, especially kids. She loved coming to Colerain Elementary with my vet school and patiently stood and lay down for kids to pet her and trotted alongside the wheelchairs. She adored the violin/viola students I teach at my parents house and would stare at the door until they arrived, then run out to greet them, then lay at our feet during the lessons.

Luna loved fleabiting everything she came across.

Luna gave great footbaths with her tongue, and when she kissed you, it seemed her tongue covered your whole face at once.

Luna loved carrots, toast, carrot bones, and olives from martinis. My dad would put extra olives in his martinis just so he’d have one or two for her. When she’d beg, she’d try to sit in your lap (or just get as close to you as possible), and then look at your food and look at you… look at your food, look at you…

Luna loved getting her belly scratched, and would lie down on the floor, and then roll over really slowly, all the while looking at you like, “Well, are you going to get down here and scratch my belly?”

Luna was full of life. She had a characteristic Luna-look that could pierce right through you.

Luna overcame her fear of Mr. Fish, the fish statue that fell on her as a puppy.

Luna was incredibly smart.

Luna was the first one to know I got in to vet school. We were standing in the kitchen when I opened the letter, and everyone else was gone for the night, so I told her the news and we hugged and ran around the house.

Luna’s favorite game to play involved grabbing a toy, showing it to you, and then running for you to chase her. She once played tug-o-war with someone for so long that the toy turned inside out.

Luna LOVED playing in the snow. She was a winter doggie, born December 10, 1994, and as a puppy she once did a full somersault in the snow. Till the day she died, she loved rolling in the snow, nudging her nose in the snow, taking snow-baths, and making snow-angels.

Luna loved her family and was very happy every time my brother and I came back from college.

Luna loved rolling in the tall grass outside her house (the “Luna grass”).

Luna loved unwrapping presents, and helped us all out on Christmas mornings.

A couple of years ago, on Thanksgiving, Luna stood at the end of the island in the kitchen as turkey juice dripped on her head, happily licking it up. This Thanksgiving, she apparently snuck to the neighbor’s house and ate their turkey carcass.

Since I moved out, everytime I went to see Luna, I’d kiss her on the head and tell her that I loved her and “always remember you’re the Best Dog Ever, no matter what.”

When Luna was about 4, we learned that she had immune-mediated poly-arthritis, so we started to treat that. Soon after, she developed liver disease. We were told she’d probably not live past 8. Luna was a fighter, and no one would ever know she was sick. Last Friday, the day before her 11th birthday, Luna started coughing up blood. My mom took her to the emergency vet, and learned that she had lung cancer. They couldn’t find the source of the cancer (they thought it was metastatic). We took her home, and she had a good week. She was quieter than normal, and coughed, but she still tried to get Fenny to play with her and she still had a great night on Monday when my students were over. We considered starting her on chemo even though her bile acids study showed her liver wasn’t working up to par. Her radiographs on Thursday showed that she had bleeding into her lungs, so we opted not to treat her. Thursday night, I brought her a Frosty Paws, and her Christmas present. She lapped up the Frosty Paws, and tore into her present. I told her she wasn’t allowed to run around with it, so she lay down and happily chewed on the grunting Santa-hippo. We tried giving her a bronchodilator and pain medicine on Friday, and she breathed easier but was totally doped up on the pain meds. That was no life for a dog with such vivacity. Saturday, she mostly layed around in a bad state except when Mike and I came over, and then when Paul came over. She was letting us know it was time to let her go. The vet came over to our house, and she even ran out to greet him. But her cough was wet, and she was weak, and an end with dignity was much more fitting for the Best Dog Ever than any other end. She had a happy morning surrounded by her favorite people, and then passed away gently. She’s in a better place now, with no arthritis, no cancer, and plenty of snow, Luna grass, and sunbeams. I do believe we’ll meet again, and when we do, I look forward to her happily bounding to meet me.

I’m thankful she didn’t know she was sick; I’m thankful it snowed for her; I’m thankful she got to see her kids one last time; I’m thankful she didn’t suffer for long. But I miss her terribly, and don’t think anyone will know how deeply and fiercely I loved her or how much it hurts to lose her. She was my dog-sister, and my best buddy. And now she’s my guardian angel doggie.

Godspeed, Best Dog Ever.








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Guest TilliesMom

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing Luna with us. May the memories of Luna bring you comfort and help to mend your heart.

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I am so sorry for your loss. :( My deepest sympathy...Run free Sweetheart...you are so loved and missed. :grouphug:f_pink


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