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Found 6 results

  1. Yesterday I was sitting down and my dog,daisy, was standing in front of me. I noticed a little worm around her butthole, it looked EXACTLY like a pinworm. But I read that dogs cant get pinworms? Is that true? As I was inspecting it, it fell off but I threw it in the garbage, (didnt even think about taking a picture of it I should have!) and then I saw another little worm actually come out of her butthole. It looked the exact same as the other one, also looking like a pinworm. So if dogs cant get pinworms what could it be? Ive looked at all the different kinds of worms in dogs and none of the ones I came across looked like these. TIA!!
  2. My dog hurt her back the vet says that's all it is. So he gave me aspirin for 10 dys for it. She seems better today but she shakes every once in a while, Is this normal? She's also very sensitive dog.
  3. Hey there everybody! I made the decision a while back that I was ready to adopt a dog, and have been searching ever since for a pup who might fit in with me and my lifestyle. A friend of mine suggested greyhounds as a potential fit, and after reading through as much information as I could get my hands on, I went out to a local greyhound shelter and had to admit, they are very charming animals and I found myself very comfortable around them. That being said, I still have the average person's doubts and anxieties, and thought I might request some input from a group of people who have lived with greyhounds and know them rather well about whether or not I might make a good candidate to care for a greyhound! About me: I am in my late 20's, and live in a second-floor tenement apartment with my family, and we do . I work very nearly full time, about 6 hours a day. I'm looking for a dog that is suited to and comfortable with apartment living, which ideally would include not having a propensity for frantic, uncontrollable barking. I am hoping for a dog that would not necessarily need an "active" family- a dog that is more mellow and laid-back, but that still would not mind accompanying me on longer, slow-paced walks and hikes through the woods. I cannot engage in vigorous exercise, so I'm mostly looking for a walking buddy. I would also like to find a dog that is okay with going with me here and there- to my aunt's, my sisters, and friends' houses- and will not be stressed out by being outside of home frequently. This would include being around other dogs (smaller dogs) and cats, so it's important to me to find a pup who is small dog and cat safe. My mother also has a cat in the house, a 15 year old lovable critter who is markedly surly around dogs, which is why ideally I'd like a dog that either already ignores cats or can be encouraged/trained to ignore cats/treat them with respect. Some of the introduction methods I've read would probably not work too well on her, for example- I can't imagine her patiently allowing me to cart her in and out of the room at will for meet and greets. Normally I'd be concerned about house training, but everything I read seems to suggest that Greyhounds take to house training pretty quickly/well. I guess my major concerns are how difficult it is to tackle some of the issues that might arise, such as separation anxiety? I've grown up around family's dogs, but this will be my first experience taking care of a dog of my own, so I don't think I'd make a great match for a dog/breed of dog that requires experienced handling. I'd also like a pup that is affectionate and responsive- a good little buddy/companion. I do, of course, understand that a lot of this depends on individual pups but as I have no prior experience with the breed I figured it would be safer (and make me feel more confident moving forward) to run it by here. So, any input on whether or not a greyhound might be happy with me would be greatly appreciated, and thank you so much for taking the time to read through this! Feel free to ask anything that might help clarify.
  4. Hey guys, Mike here again talking about my newly adopted (1 month) girl Trace. Shes almost 2 years old now, and I just have a quick question maybe one of you can help me with. She loves to get in bed and cuddle, always slightly touching one part of my body just INCASE I get up to go to the bathroom which she follows me everywhere- I'm sure many of you know the feeling. Well anyway, my question is- Whenever I put my arm around her when were laying down, or rest my hand/arm on a part of her body (not a sensative part, more like the muscle part of her arms/legs or her shoulders) she cries and yelps at me to get my arm off of her. Is this normal? Do they just not liked to be touched on their body? I can PET her while were laying down anywhere and she enjoys it, but once I stop and my hand is not petting her, she yelps~! I know I'm not putting too much pressure on her, because I even tested it and very lightly put my hand on her. This only happens on her body, I can have my hand on her head all day long and she doest mind, lol. Any advice? Thanks! -Mike
  5. I've had Trace now for just about a month. She suffers from a bit of Seperation Anxiety but I see it slowly getting better day by day. The week day usually consists of: Walk from 7:30-8am, I leave for work from 8:15 - 12, I come home to walk her 12-1, than back to work 1-4:30. If I leave anything in the crate with her and go to work, her anxiety gets the best of her and she rips it to shreds due to getting her mind off of me leaving (she would never do this with me home). Well I guess I left her new bed abit too close to her crate this morning (about a FOOT away) and she managed to due the unthinkable and get a hold of it. Well R.I.P to the new bed, enjoy- Edit- Funny thing is I didn't even get mad at her, but she seemed to know exactly what she did wrong! aha
  6. From the album: Fun & Modern Martingale Dog Collars Greyhound Whippet

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