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  1. Great points. I thought my grey would be different but that is clearly not the case, and I put absolutely zero blame on him. Thanks for the reply! Will be on the lookout if my agency sets up any greyhound only meets.
  2. For context, he is turning 3 years old this month, retired for a year now. Here is a summarized timeline of our dog park adventures: 1 Month in - Too nervous/scared to leave the parking lot, wouldn't go up to the gate while leashed. 2 months in - Able to walk up to the gate, but refused to go inside 3 months in - Able to go into the dog park now, but stands right next to the gate and looks like he wants to go back into the car and go home 4 months in - Hooray, he's playing with the other dogs! Running around, play fighting, having a great time. 5-7 Months i
  3. From what I can see, it's more orange than red, unless the naming is talking about the dogs skin which is actually a bit red. for reference
  4. For those that have had your dogs for along time or have owned many in the past, what are some signs to you that you are special to your dog?
  5. My dog is not a spook but your post is so incredibly sweet. Thank you for your insight, it's definitely going to help me in the future if I ever have a chance to meet or take care of one.
  6. Thanks, I haven't even thought of the fact that my cat may be trying to bully the dog! I've never had to punish her ever so it didn't even cross my mind. Thanks for the little confidence boost!
  7. Hi, I've had my 2 year old hound for half a year now, and upon meeting my 10 year old cat, he got a nice swat to the face, and a claw to the butt to let him know who is boss in the house. I've had them separated with the dog upstairs and the cat downstairs (go figure right? haha) and they've been great with baby gates up. My dog tries to avoid the gates and when the cat is in sight he tries to run away or doesn't make eye contact. At this point I'm fairly confident that they will get along in time, but I'm not really sure how to go about the next step, and I definitely don't want to
  8. This gives me some peace of mind whenever I worry about the 8-9 hour mark
  9. Thanks Love your videos - and also love that we are in the same state!
  10. My boy has settled in quite nicely now 4 months in, he's been sleeping in the bed with me about a month in after I got him, and it's never been a problem. He moves when asked and has never been startled awake by me, and I've never been awoken by him through the night. It almost seems a bit too easy. I've been known to move a lot during sleep and I'm not sure if I've nudged him or rolled on him while asleep but if I did it hasn't seemed to bother him as of yet. I'm fairly large (~180 lbs) so if I roll on him the wrong way it'll definitely be bad. If he hasn't been startled as of yet
  11. my 2 year old goofy guy runs into me all the time. he also has a bad habit over stretching with his paws on your feet so his nails dig in.. not pleasant haha
  12. Do dogs randomly start testing boundaries? Not in the same topic as OP but my dog has been a complete angel but it's been three months. Should I anticipate something like this happening?
  13. The collar stays on all day for my dog, then off when I go to sleep to give him a break.. Then right back on in the morning
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