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  1. Thanks Love your videos - and also love that we are in the same state!
  2. My boy has settled in quite nicely now 4 months in, he's been sleeping in the bed with me about a month in after I got him, and it's never been a problem. He moves when asked and has never been startled awake by me, and I've never been awoken by him through the night. It almost seems a bit too easy. I've been known to move a lot during sleep and I'm not sure if I've nudged him or rolled on him while asleep but if I did it hasn't seemed to bother him as of yet. I'm fairly large (~180 lbs) so if I roll on him the wrong way it'll definitely be bad. If he hasn't been startled as of yet
  3. my 2 year old goofy guy runs into me all the time. he also has a bad habit over stretching with his paws on your feet so his nails dig in.. not pleasant haha
  4. Do dogs randomly start testing boundaries? Not in the same topic as OP but my dog has been a complete angel but it's been three months. Should I anticipate something like this happening?
  5. The collar stays on all day for my dog, then off when I go to sleep to give him a break.. Then right back on in the morning
  6. Maybe I've spoke too soon! Today in our closed yard, for the first time in 2 months, Starry became hyper aware of a squirrel in our backyard and instantly went from laying down chewing on his chew toy to bolting at the squirrel at full speed, it was quite shocking to see since he's ignored just about every critter since I've got him. Now I definitely see how the switch can get turned on at any moment. Still terrified of the cat though!
  7. When I'm walking Starry, I'm always ready to get in between him and anything that's coming at him quickly. However Starry is more of a shy kind of dog and isn't aggressive towards other dogs, so I wouldn't be too concerned of him hurting me. I always try to have him feel he's safe, and it's worked so far with more curious dogs that will go in his face
  8. Can I just say I'm sorry for the unsavory motorcyclists that live around you I have a sportbike and I always keep my bike quiet when I am passing people with dogs or children. For my grey, he gets out in the morning for about 5 mins to pee, and heads back inside to let me sleep for a bit more before work. Then he will eat breakfast and promptly sleep while I work. I can check in on him at lunch after 5 hours and let him in our fenced yard, sometimes he gets the zoomies but other times he will just have a little pee/poo, some sniffs and be happy to go back inside. Other times I'll
  9. Thank you so much for the reassurance! I hope they will get along in the future, I really do. Allow me to pay my dog tax
  10. I've had my 2 year old retired Greyhound now for 3 months, and from what I've seen, he's just not interested in chasing other animals at all. It's quite odd, we are trying to get him used to our 10 year old cat who is very sweet with humans, never seen her scratch or hiss once in 4 years, and he is terrified of her. To be fair, on our first try she went right at him to and clawed him in the butt, but now they've been seperated via baby gate for a month with seperate halves of the house and he is comfortable around all areas even with the cat in sight and right up to the gate. On walks, h
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