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  1. Each little jump if I recall correctly maybe took anywhere from 2-4 weeks. You can also exercise your dog before you start this practice so that they are really tired and don't even the energy to keep getting up to whine after settling down, if you haven't been doing that already. Best of luck!! Also I froze peanut butter and cottage cheese stuffed kongs and gave those to him when I knew I had to be gone for a bit longer, that usually kept him busy for a good 30 minutes but he's considered quick, I've read that this can keep them busy for over an hour
  2. FWIW, I would annoy the crap out of Starry when he did this the first month of coming home by repeatedly getting up and out of the room as much as I can throughout the day and come back before he started to whine. The whole time I would completely ignore him, and eventually he either got the message I'd be coming back, or was tired of being interrupted. Even if he did whine, I would let him go until he was quiet for a minute, and once he quiet I would immediately come back. It started out as like 30 seconds, then a minute, then slowly progressed over 3-4 months to the point where he couldnt care less about what I do around the house really besides when leaving for work and coming home. As others said, it's still been only 2 weeks so your hound is still settling in, I can't speak about leaving the dog outside though since I have no clue whether or not that would be beneficial. Good luck!
  3. When I was doing this with Starry, I'd bring a treat with me in my pocket (high value) and I would keep him on leash and walk to the place where I'd want him to poo, and then just stand there and be really boring. if he tries to walk, I usually just twirl around in a 360 until he finds a good enough spot. Once he does his business, I act really happy, tell him good poo and give him a treat immediately. Sometimes it took 5-10 minutes and if he doesn't go by then I usually tried again another day. It took a month or two before he realized thats the place I want him to poo for the most part, now I don't even have to do the whole routine, usually he gets the picture that it's turnout time.
  4. Congratulations! I can give you a little advice at least what works with my hound Teeth I won't lie, I probably get around to brushing my boys teeth once a month. Otherwise I give him Greenies/Some equivalent dental chew once a day after dinner everyday to help keeps things clean. He usually only has a little plaque buildup but nothing too crazy or nothing that looks like it has to be scaled. Admittedly I need to start bushing at least once a week! Toys My hound goes quite nuts over plushies with squeakies in them, he does well with these heavier duty ones I get from petco: https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/leaps-and-bounds-ruffest-and-tuffest-raptor-tough-plush-dog-toy They are his absolute favorite, it took him a good couple of months before he was even able to make a small tear on one of the plushes. Otherwise they have lasted for over 6 months of daily playing. A close second is chasing a rubber kong ball you can stuff treats inside of. You may just have to get heavier duty plushes for your dog to enjoy, or ones without any stuffing Farts Yeah not much you can do about this
  5. To add to greysmom's points, Starry will bark at me when he's "talking" with me sometimes. Starry has never been a quiet grey, he definitelyhappy to bark to talk back to you or to give you a heads up. Sometimes if the day has been dragging, when I ask him if he's HUNGRY or ready for DINNER (capitalized the words that make him go off), Starry will bark back at me, almost as if he's saying YES! YES! It's quite a scary sounding deep bark as well but I've gotten used to it. By no means is it an aggressive bark, like I mentioned more so as a response to me asking him a question. Perhaps your neighbors grey is just sad they're being but back in the crate and letting you know? Also like what racindog said, if there isn't any problem otherwise, this could just be a quirky thing that dog does in particular.
  6. Thanks for the input! It takes a lot of close monitoring and it's a pain to keep an eye on them at all times and be afraid to even run to the bathroom without them in sight of each other, but I think you're right, it's going to keep taking small baby steps and a small leap of faith per day.
  7. Thank you so much for the long and thoughtful reply and sharing your story! I've been exchanging bedding and items the whole year so I'm sure they both get the idea that they are not going to be going anywhere I have had them swap crates in the first couple of months as well to get them used to each others scent. They will actually coexist with each other as long as one of them is lying down and not active/playful. If they are lowkey and chilling then they will keep an eye on each other but won't bother getting up to do anything, and the cat hasn't tried giving him a swipe yet if he's been calmly laying down/sleeping and I'm around. The story you shared with Piper and Yoda is hilarious; it's exactly what my Luna did with Starry. I was sitting with him and petting him in one corner of the house, when my slightly overweight unathletic 10 year old rescue cat decided it'd be fun to run up and give him a good claw, then run away. She seemed like such a jerk! Since then I haven't tried the same scenario since but maybe it's worth another try seeing as it looked like Yoda only did it once to show PIper whos boss. Starry doesn't even try to fight or bark back he will just shirk into the corner and start yelping or howling because he's so scared. I feel so bad for him but it's almost comical to see such a big dog intimidated by my otherwise sweet cat. My biggest fear is if he decides enough is enough and just goes at her. The winner of that fight would be pretty clear, unfortunately and I'm not trying to find out!
  8. Oh thats so sad for your girl haha. Good to know most people receive the sniff attack well, as I've seen too when I'm out and about although I don't try to let him do it all the time I tried standing off to the side in the grass and letting another dog and owner by on my way back to my house, what happened was the other dog started to statue and freeze at the sight of Starry in the middle of the street while the owner tried to pull them away haha. Now I know to just start moving again in case that happens because I was standing there for about 15 seconds while she kept trying to tell him to come and cross the street to no avail until she pulled a treat out LOL
  9. I've had my 3 yr old greyhound Starry I adopted just about 1 year ago as well as my 10 year old rescue cat at home, and I'm wondering what the next best step is to get them to meet. He's my first dog and I've done a lot of reading online and can't seem to find the right solution. Their first meeting at our home visit, my cat gave him a good swat to the nose and absolutely terrified him. Since then, We've had the dog have access to upstairs and the living room, the cat gets the basement up to the kitchen. They are seperated via baby gates. They've been separate from each other until now, the dog always stays away from the gates and if the cat comes running up to the gate he will get scared and run away. I've tried to have them meet in the same room but what will happen is my cat will corner/stalk the dog and charge at him making him yelp and howl, then she'll back off. IDK if she's just reminding him whos boss or if shes actually trying to fight him. I know that the dog will clearly win that fight and it's not one I'm trying to have happen. If the dog is upstairs in my room laying down and I let the cat come upstairs, he will be wary but he will continue laying down and even dare to sleep when shes roaming and sniffing around. Here it doesn't seem like she's trying to attack or stalk him but it seems like she could at any moment. I have no idea what I should do next. Do I just let them be animals and hash it out and try to stop anything from happening before it's too late before it happens? Or do I keep taking tiny baby steps and have them get closer and more comfortable with eachother?
  10. Thanks, thats a great idea! I already put him in a sit and stay position every single meal time to practice his patience, shouldn't be too much different to do it while standing Definitely going to give this a shot!
  11. Sometimes when out for a walk and someone is walking/jogging/running towards us, I will always try to cross as to not get in their way. However sometimes it's not possible with busy roads so I usually shorten the least right up and have my dog stick close to me while trying to give them room. The problem is that Starry just LOVES to say hi to people and see if they have treats. He's quite rude and I don't want him to be obnoxious or startle anyone who isn't comfortable with dogs. Even with a short leash hold and keeping him close he will get super excited and want to say hello. The neighbors that know him love it but the strangers not so much, haha. It's pretty bad when people are jogging/running in our direction, he will think it's play time and start doing 360s taking up even more room on the sidewalk. What I've been doing is to try and keep walking non chalantly to try and get him to realize it's not a big event, and if he gives any attention to the people trying to walk by I try to redirect his attention to me right away using our "hey pay attention" call. Is it just going to take more and more time and practice? Or is there anything additional I can do to help me realize that walking strangers is not the time to say hello! FWIW, he is a little over 3 years old now and I've had him for just about a year (gotcha day coming up next week!!)
  12. This makes me feel much better, haha. Didn't think about the whole picture of most dogs not being able to socialize because of the pandemic, and our hounds are used to being with other hounds and can behave (usually!) @racindog thank you for the long post and sharing your experience!!
  13. Thank you for the kind words! I'll make it a point to keep praising Starry when he stays calm on our walks.
  14. Does this happen to anyone else as well? Around my neighborhood we've been walking around now for almost a year since I've gotten my hound; and without fail most dogs will get fixated to him and start pulling their owners leash and lunging at us. Small dogs, big dogs, you name it and they will usually start barking. It makes it feel like something is wrong with us or we are doing something wrong.. Starry doesn't react too much, he will play bow but he's never barked or fixated on another dog on our walks. He's never pulled me to try and say hi to other dogs either. We've met other dogs on leash that were much more low key without any issues.
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