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  1. Yes. He had a small cut on his foot and the vet thought he might've pulled a muscle in his leg, but that's all that she could find.
  2. Unfortunately our boy had a bad leg/limp when we first got him so we were advised not to walk him - we instead tried to tire him out mentally with training sessions in the morning. However as he is getting better we are going on longer walks, hopefully runs eventually, though he does get super tired after about 30 minutes. I have plenty of time to exercise him, so as he gets better I hope we can go on longer walks to really tire him out!
  3. Hi, thanks so much for the info. That is very encouraging to hear because I am currently going through those early stages and it is so slow! We get up to 1-2 minutes sometimes and he is fine, but then the next morning he might cry at 10 seconds again and I feel like we have gone back to square one. So its great to hear that the first stage is the hardest and that it is non linear, just got to be patient I guess!
  4. Great, thanks! He pulled a muscle in his leg a little while ago so I haven't been able to exercise him much unfortunately. But hopefully we will be back to walks again soon, I'm sure that being tired would help a lot!
  5. Thanks for the info, its very encouraging to know that with time things might work out! We have tried a kong with peanut butter, but he usually clicks about 1 minute in and then abandons the treat to howl at the door. Perhaps we just have to take things a little slower. Luckily for us our outdoor area has super high fences and there is no gate so no chance of escape!
  6. Thats good to know, thanks! Do you remember how long it took you to go from 30 secs to a longer time (or how did you pace it?) Ours has gone back to being stuck on about 20 seconds before he comes over to the door to cry, so I'm not sure if we took it too fast at the beginning. I'm scaling it back to just small 5-10 second departures, but I am just hoping that he will be more comfortable with a little longer soon.
  7. Hah - he does act a bit like a teenager at times! Thanks, thats good to know about the temp. He was out there at about 75F the other day and did look a little hot so perhaps that is his limit, I'll make sure to keep an eye on it.
  8. Thank you so much for all of the information! Today he actually came inside all on his own to lay on his bed when my partner and I were outside, so hopefully that is a good start! We are giving him lots of pats and attention when he is on his inside bed and he is very much enjoying it. Hopefully in a few weeks he will start to settle more and realise this is his home
  9. Hello. Apologies in advance for the long post! There are kind of two parts to this. Firstly, my partner and I adopted a beautiful 1.5 yr old boy 2 weeks ago. He seemed fine being left for short periods for the first 3 days, but then at day 4 he became incredibly anxious whenever he thought either of us were leaving. He would pace and whine and follow us around. If either one of us left the house (even for a minute and even if someone else was still inside with him) he would cry and cry and work himself up into a bark. We live in an apartment unfortunately, so I anticipate noise complaints if this was to continue. I did a deep dive into online research (including Patricia McConnell's book) and decided to start alone training. For the past week we have been working on desensitisation, counter conditioning (up to about 5 minutes max, but with frequent relapses), calm greetings/leavings etc. He sleeps through the night fine on his own and he seems to enjoy spending time alone outdoors (he's been snoozing happily out there for the past 3 hours as I write this!). It is just indoors that is the problem. So, I'm not actually sure if I have just assumed that this is a separation anxiety/isolation distress issue, or if it is just him settling in a new environment? I haven't actually left for a long period to see if the whining/howling/barking continues, because if it is true separation anxiety then with alone training you are suppose to make sure you return before the dog becomes distressed (and I don't want to make the issue any worse for the poor boy!) Now the second part - I contacted the adoption group about this and they suggested leaving him alone outside for long periods. I originally had not done this because I thought that greyhounds could not cope too well with the temperatures outdoors. However they advised that he would be fine as long as he has good shelter and a coat if it is cold. He actually loves it outdoors too, he often wants to go and hang out there even when my parter and I are home so I think it is his preferred place to be! I live in Melbourne (Australia), so the temperatures here aren't too extreme, but I do think that on hot days he would have to be indoors. So now for the questions, thank you if you are still here after all of that! 1: Should I keep up alone training or should I just leave him for a longer period (while monitoring on video), and see how he goes? 2: What are your thoughts on greyhounds kept outdoors during the day? He has a huge kennel which is under shelter, warm bed/blankets, warm coats. For summer I was going to get a cooling bed, install a solar powered fan, have a paddle pool and lots of shade. I'm not too on what the max/min temp is that he should be left outside and couldn't find much about this online so any help would be greatly appreciated!. He sleeps inside in the living room. Basically we want him to be comfortable being inside, alone, on days when it is too hot/too cold for him to be outdoors, and also if my partner and I wanted to leave in the evenings. However I'm also not sure if it will be more difficult to train him to be ok with being indoors alone when he is mostly outdoors during the day (he might be confused by the changes in routine?) We could do the alone training in the evenings and weekends, or also on random days during the week (I am working from home at the moment). Any help/advise would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
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