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  1. Mine is on Royal Canin A dry with one of their canned renal diets as a topper/ kong filler. He loves it and gets just as excited about it as any other food. Haven't tried any other brands though. Sorry you're dealing with this, hope you find one that she likes.
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, our boys had the same birthday
  3. Had his ultrasound today. Turns out he only has one kidney! They collected a sterile urine sample for culture and there will be a final report from the ultrasound I think tomorrow.
  4. I teared up too...that is the cutest sweetest thing I ever heard. They are both adorable
  5. a litter box is genius, not sure he'd catch on haha but a good idea to reserve as a possible option. I'm lucky his appetite is so great, he'll eat anything crunchy. He'd eat wood chips for breakfast if I let him. I tried a belly band on him just to see, he's not much of a fan but its pretty snug so I can't blame him. Thanks for all the responses, hopefully this will be stable and slow and he gets the long happy life he deserves. When I know more I'll post it.
  6. The BUN is 9. I think the water increase was at least kind of gradual because I didn't notice until he couldn't hold his pee as long as normal. It wasn't overnight anyway
  7. Im not sure if there was protein in his urine, but it had sediment and she said there was no UTI and no signs of infection with his bloodwork. The vet office gave me some wet and dry samples, Im a little afraid to try wet, I finally just found the perfect combo to fix his soft stool problems after all this time and now I have to change his food again. But with some royal canin mixed in each meal so far so good. They didnt have a big bag in stock but I ordered one that should arrive by the end of the week. Ill try some wet too and give it if it agrees with his sensitive stomach.
  8. Thank you for the replies, if he has to stay on a kidney diet I might try the Purina as the royal canin doesnt even look like it has meat in it. It was his second pee of the day at 1230, so she knew it wasnt the first but Ill make sure to get first morning urine for any follow ups
  9. Simon (4years old) has been peeing in the house recently after being fully housetrained for two years. Occasionally Ill come home to a huge puddle by the door and thought maybe it was separation anxiety due to my relationship ending and a new work schedule. I thought maybe he needs a buddy since my ex left with the other dog who has since died from cancer. Then I noticed a pee smell in the bedroom and couldnt find where it was coming from (thought it may have been my cat) until I realized its his bed and it was absolutely saturated through the orthopaedic slumber ball foam and down into the foam base layer and carpet. I threw it out as well as his other beds that had a little pee in them too and ordered waterproof ones. I also noticed when he sleeps on my bed hell jerk awake suddenly in the am to lick his penis and theres a little spot of pee on the blanket. Hes not drinking more frequently than normal but when he does he drinks a huge amount at a time. So I took him to the vet with a urine sample and the concentration is low so did bloodwork also. No infection, but the vet says hes got some kidney failure. His blood work was creat 228 (ref range 44-159), SDMA 17 ( ref range 0-14), BUN/crea 9. His baseline back in mar 2017 was Creat 163, BUN/crea 12. I dont know the difference between Canadian and American lab values, they seem to be different. Can anyone help me there? She told me to feed him a kidney diet to support his kidneys and we will do an ultrasound after Christmas. He tested negative for lepto. I got samples of royal canin renal support a and he eats it happily but had to order a bag so hes still getting his regular food. She said she doesnt know if its an acute kidney injury thats resolving or if its genetic. I know greyhounds have different lab values, but same urinalysis as other dogs and want to hear any thoughts or advice please? How bad is this? He behaves normally except for the drinking and peeing issue and has a voracious appetite. Im worried, I love him so much and couldnt bear to lose him. Please share your greytalk wisdom! Ps would putting pee pads by the door when I go out be a good or bad idea?
  10. Just curious, to those of you who have had many greyhounds/fosters over the years, do you find that there is any correlation between age/sex/history of retired hounds and those who are more likely to have separation anxiety? For example do you find brood moms less likely to be anxious? I'm considering a second, and I know that its really down to the individual more than anything but interested in your experiences. Thank you
  11. Mine likes benebones the best, either bacon or chicken flavour. they last 2 or 3 months before needing to be replaced and he's a tough chewer.
  12. So sorry for your loss. Sounds like he had the best life, it's so unfair they don't live as long as we do.
  13. What a terrible and tragic loss, I'm so sorry to hear it. You must be in so much pain. She was lucky to have known the love of a family before she went, even only for a short time. You gave her that gift
  14. So would there be anything wrong with just keeping him on advantage multi forevermore? I see comments about length of treatment with a view to eventually stopping the advantage multi. Maybe thats in places that you need to use monthly heartworm preventive so would prefer to go back to a single monthly? I had been using bravecto for fleas so I could just use this instead and also treat and prevent worms..
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