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  1. We had all sorts of this when we first got our boy. He would freeze often, and sometimes when we were far away from home. We found turning him in a tight circle would sometimes get his brain to get out of freeze mode, and we also used the "touch" command where you put your finger a few feet away from him and if he walked a few steps and touched our finger with nose, he was treated. We would also sometimes drive him a few blocks away and then walk him back home. That was a hit or miss strategy. That all said, the real solution is time and repetition. When they are in a new environment it
  2. Hi All, My vet recommends a dental cleaning for my 7 y/o boy. She said she thinks his teeth warrant a cleaning and that she expects that there will be some extractions required. She is willing to do the dental, and has done so for other greys, however she has been very transparent that she always worries about doing them for greys given their intolerance for anesthesia, their propensity to go hyper/hypo thermic due to stress and their tendency to be bleeders. She said the absolute safest thing to do would be to find a board certified anesthesiologist. I happen to live 5 minute
  3. Hello, and thanks for your offer to help. I live in the Lansing, MI area and would be happy for any referrals you can provide. Let me know if anyone comes to mind as I have done a bit of research in the past and didn't find anything promising.
  4. Thank you all for your feedback. I agree and have slowly come to terms with the fact that this is simply him and that is ok. I'm glad I'm not the only person that has experienced this!
  5. We've had our boy for over four years now and while we love him dearly, he has a few quirks that sadden us. For years, I have thought he would "grow out of it" but I am starting to think that this is how he was born or something happened on the track that caused him to behave this way that will never leave him. Specifically, he is a cuddle bug (or wants to be) but only on his terms. That is to say that if he cuddles you and rest your hand on him, he growls loudly, gets up and relocates. He will sometimes show teeth as if resting your hand (without moving/petting) on him is a threatening
  6. @greysmom No ants or ticks yet as I am in the great North. I'll send pictures to vet and solicit feedback there. Thanks for that idea. @MerseyGrey just one sticky blister.
  7. Hi All, I am noticing an interesting looking lesion on Stanley's back inside leg. I just noticed it minutes ago and am wondering if anyone has seen this before. It seems to have a bright red ring on the outside and inside is the normal color of skin, but the whole thing seems moist or sticky to the touch. It immediately made me think ring worm, but upon a quick google search I'm not confident that it is. Maybe a run of the mill hot spot? I've had Stan for 3 years and have not seen anything like this yet. I have pictures but I can't find a way to attach them as it appears the file size is
  8. @racindog this is interesting insight, but how do you explain that he is only reactive to some dogs? For instance he loves my sisters Pomeranian, he was ok with my neighbors husky and he absolutely detested my neighbors doberman.
  9. Hello everybody, Stanley my 6 y/o has sporadically demonstrated the following behavior for as long as I can remember but it seems to be getting worse. Some dogs he sees from a distance and his body language is soft and happy. If I let him get close to said dog and assuming the other dog is well behaved, they will sniff each other and move on. Some dogs he sees (and probably a majority) he stiffens, hair stands up and he gets an extremely angry tail wag. Then cue the barking and growling. Even worse, if we are walking he will pull to the point that he is choking himself. This h
  10. Thank you all for your feedback and sorry for the delayed response. I was delayed in responding because of course shortly after I posted, the cut healed and has not re-opened since. Crossing my fingers this is permanent, but based on all of your feedback, if it re-opens I should at minimum discuss the possibility of removing the toe with my vet. That seems so extreme, but I understand it may be the only option.
  11. Stanley has a wound on the side of his outside (Pinkey?) toe of his front left paw. It started back sometime in October he was zooming about and then I noticed a limp and then I noticed a lot of blood. After consulting with vet, I kept it clean put him on an antibiotic and it healed perfectly without any type of sutures. About two weeks after healing, he was zooming about and boom the same laceration re-opened. I spoke with the vet again and he indicated to take the same approach because it is an almost impossible area to stitch. Took the same approach this time no antibiotics and it healed ag
  12. Thank you for the support. Just what I needed. I agree with your approach. It is like life in general. One day at a time! Bringing him into our family has definitely brought us so much happiness so it is all worth it.
  13. Hi All. Just an update. I adjusted Stanley down to two meals 12 hours apart based on some of your feedback. I also gave him free run of the house at night and he has been sleeping in our room from about 11pm-5am most nights which is quite nice. It's funny that he is laying in his bed in our room every night, because before we confined him to a few rooms of the house he always slept on the back couch! I have an appointment with a new vet that has a ton of experience with greyhounds (my current vet just wasn't impressing me with their lack of knowledge about the special considerations one
  14. Hi GeorgeofNE, While I appreciate all of the insight and support this group provides, and I respect the significant contribution you've made to greytalk through thousands of posts, I think this is just the type of comment that would upset just about anyone and shouldn't be made in haste without a full understanding of the situation between dog and owner. Clearly I am looking for support (note the title of the thread) not for opinions on whether or not I should surrender my dog of whom I care deeply for and who has made my life better than it was before getting him. If you notice in my original
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