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Guest MarkM

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I just found out that Roxy, our foster for 4 months early last summer, did not make it through a dental that involved extractions. This is the poor girl that had been left in a field for about 2 years because of a divorce. The ex-husband got custody, but the only way she was fed was when the ex-wife threw a bag of food over the fence. Another dog found with her had to be immediately put down it was in such bad condition. It is a very sad, sad story.


While with us, she went through heartworm treatments, getting a flaming UTI under control, and numerous other problems. We used to call her "Roxer Boxer" because of the fight she showed going through all this.


Ultimately she was adopted by a nice semi-retired couple. Roxy enjoyed her final "forever home" for only the last 6 months of her very hard life.


Goodbye Miss Roxy

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I remember Roxy's sad story. :( I'm sorry she didn't get more time here in loving care... Godspeed, little girl.

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Guest PrestosJeff

At least Roxy got to finish her life in a loving home. That's a wonderful gift you gave her as her fosters. I'm so sorry she's gone. Godspeed Roxy.


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Very sad :f_white I remember Roxie's story...at least she found love with your and her forever home...

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Poor Roxy - I remember her story, too. One of the saddest, I thought.


You will naturally be sad, but remember she had love and affection and the best of care for the best part of the last year of her life. And so many people were sending her good wishes and prayers.


At least when she died, she went under the anaesthetic with caring people around her, in good health and in warmth and comfort.


:f_pink:bighug A big part of her final 'good months' was coming to live with you.


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Guest argolola

God bless her. At least it warms the heart to know that she knew the love of yourself and her final forever family.


She has angel wings now. :angelwings

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I also remember Roxy's sad story. Run free Sweetheart...run with the wind. :f_pink


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Poor sweet girl... Go Play now..

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Guest auntiesara

At least poor Roxie knew love and kindess at the end. I know how time consuming all her medical treatments you helped her with can be, but at least you can take comfort in knowing you prolonged and improved what was left of her life. I'm so sorry....


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