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Boarding, pet-sitting, etc.

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Fairly new greyhound owner (9 months) and wondering about the best option for care when I leave for vacation.


My greyhound has adapted beautifully to home life and loves her routine.  But she's also quite social and loves meeting new people and new dogs.


Anyone have thoughts on the best option for her as far as overnight care?  Specifically, I would like to know if it's okay to leave her over night but have someone come check on her several times a day and walk her and feed her at her normal times?  My sense is that she would do best in a situation where she gets to keep her routine, but I have never left her alone overnight.

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I would not leave her alone overnight since she thrives on routine which means that someone is at home.  Extreme changes in the routine may not go well, but just staying somewhere else isn't a big deal since the hounds were used to being moved around to different tracks and farms while they raced. 

Ask your adoption group if they have a boarding kennel that they recommend or a list of people who will board your hound with their own greyhounds.  In our case, we have a group of 4 greyhound owners who take each other's hounds when one of us is away.  We don't charge each other or keep a tally of the number of days for any reason. It works out well for us since everyone's dogs are used to coming and going to visit at our houses anyway, and none of us have to worry about the dogs while we are away. 

Depending on where you are located, there may also be a greyhound specific boarding facility if you ask other owners who they use.  For example, in Indianapolis there is The Greyhound Resort . Rocket loved the resort when we lived in the Midwest and could have cared less when we dropped him off there. I think there is also a greyhound exclusive boarding kennel in Tucson AZ. I'm sure there are probably others as well.  Good luck. 


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Yes, try to see if there are local greyhound owners near you willing to trade off taking care of yours and you theirs. I've been doing that with my greyhound owner friend since 2013. The best part is that she brings her two hounds to my house and stays there, thus taking care of my house as well. I typically travel more than she does (exception being these Covid months/years) so sometimes I give her some money to even the load. The dogs love it and so do I.

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