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healthy training treats suggestions?

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My girls are both 9 y.o. now.  A couple of months ago they both had a thorough dental and lost a few teeth. Unlike before the dental, I'm now bothered by how the Milk Bone Mini's stick to their teeth when I'm brushing. We use the Mini's ( often broken in half ) to reinforce good behavior during the day.  I'd like to switch to something healthier now. I tried carrots and got a big "no thank you" from both girls.  So I'm wondering what treats have people had good luck with.  Anything approaching a meat smell and flavor is a big hit around here.   

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Do you have bite size shredded wheat in the States? No fat, no salt, no sugar. My boy loves them as a bit of a change, although clearly they are not very meaty! He also loves Rublies by Olewo. They are a carrot and beetroot pellet, so again, not very meaty

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Grace loves small pieces of strong cheddar cheese.

I also give her the frozen pickings from a cooked chicken which I freeze in small pieces in a single layer on a tray before putting them in a tub.

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