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  1. ha! not only do we have them in the States, I have them in my cupboard.... thanks so much, worth a try
  2. My girls are both 9 y.o. now. A couple of months ago they both had a thorough dental and lost a few teeth. Unlike before the dental, I'm now bothered by how the Milk Bone Mini's stick to their teeth when I'm brushing. We use the Mini's ( often broken in half ) to reinforce good behavior during the day. I'd like to switch to something healthier now. I tried carrots and got a big "no thank you" from both girls. So I'm wondering what treats have people had good luck with. Anything approaching a meat smell and flavor is a big hit around here.
  3. thank you so much for this. We have sisters, 8yo. Always sweet as can be and still are with ALL humans, even humans I'd prefer they be more cool toward. Recently both have begun to show real anger at some dogs on our walks, dogs they used to pass without a notice now cause them to bark, pull and lunge. They get each other riled up tremendously. The more alpha one WAS attacked by three off leash dogs on our regular walk about six months ago. It is now on our regular walks where they exhibit this behavior. it's sad that there may be no cure but it is sure satisfying to learn (perhaps) why
  4. I wanted to leave a follow up reply here. Giving my sweet Frannie a little kibble before bed has stopped her rising early with an upset stomach. Thanks everyone. Of course her sister Chloe thinks this is a great idea, so we'll have to keep an eye on her svelte figure for her...
  5. we have littler-mate girls now 6.5 years old. Frannie has started vomiting in the past couple of weeks. She does not vomit food and has a decent appetite, she is spirited and otherwise acts normal. She vomits yellow bile, small amounts. Lot's of dry heaving. It happened about 5 times total and always while in her crate, early morning, maybe late night after we've gone to bed. She never has done this during the day. We've taken to muzzling her while she hangs out in the kennel because she like to eat roots and dirt sometimes. Anyone ever experience this?
  6. what makes me think? I watched each of them work to a spot in the hole carefully, then using their front teeth, bite it and eat it. "it" could be dirt as someone here suggested but it is a very specific "treat" they are trying to get.
  7. we have a 40' by 30' fenced kennel for my girls to play in. It is covered in beach sand. In one 4'x'4'area they continue to dig away to reach something to eat. I'll be damned if I can determine what it is, even when I catch them in the act and investigate I see nothing but dirt and maybe roots. I see no grubs or anything "edible" They are both obsessed with this one area and actually take turns. I re-bury the area with sand and we start over. Today I'm going to fill the holes with a bunch of rocks to slow them down but I'd appreciate any feedback, does anyone else have grey's doing this?
  8. We have two litter mates living with us now since the summer of 2014, they turn 6 November of this year. Over the past couple of weeks Chloe has started showing signs of being cold. Only in the morning and even in the house when she first rises. When we go out for first pee, she shivers, teeth chatter and you can see that she had goosebumps by the fur slightly risen. Now, I understand it's cold out, and over night we turn the heat down to 63f but this never happened before. By 8am she seems perfectly fine and shows no coldness on walks. Under 35 degrees they both wear coats. I've never
  9. does anyone use "people" toothpaste for their grey ? My wife is in the dental field and feels this is fine, I'm not so sure.
  10. Hello All While walking our girls recently, someone stopped to admire them ( happens often ) but dropped this little nugget before moving on: martingale collars can cause throat cancer in greyhounds who sometimes pull from their neck. We have a harness and used it on our big boy Lander, before he passed. If there is any truth to this at all we will purchase another and Put Frannie and Chloe in them to walk. They are good walkers about 75% of the time but you know how it is, sometimes we're just out of our minds with excitement and act a bit crazy...... Has anyone ever heard of this c
  11. my Frannie has been spending a lot of down time licking and working at her bum. I notice the right cheek area is getting red now although it doesn't look like a regular rash. Any ideas?
  12. I'll look for Cindy Lou and you
  13. I'm pretty central as well, Lincoln, Matt's a great guy I'll ask him about NH. What's your dog(s) name. Maybe we will meet at a play date in the spring
  14. Frannie and Chloe are from Middleboro, last August. That's a greyt idea I hadn't thought of. Also, the point about straight line running makes a lot of sense to me. Why increase risk of injury. Chad, I'm well that greyhounds are sight hounds. And these sisters are not my first two. Lander, my boy who passed in July was a unique, off leash grey. There are some out there. Lander and I were deeply on the same page, there was never a doubt in my mind from the first time I let him off. He was about seven by that time. One of my favorite memories of Lander is when we would do wooded t
  15. Hello all, we live in New England with two litter mates,( Frannie and Chloe ) now just 3.5 years old. I'd love for them to have the opportunity to run for their physical and mental health. Right now their curiosity and prey drive are very strong so they must stay leashed. They do have a pretty large kennel 30' x 40' to run and play in but it's not the same as running they way they want to. Does anyone here know of a coursing lure group? We're not looking for anything all that formal or serious, just some good weekend fun.
  16. That's Frannie. I'll bet she irritated her airway sniffing everything in sight on the beach. Plus it was extremely cold out Saturday. Ty for feedback
  17. My 3.5 year old Frannie has started making this funny reverse type sneeze. I noticed it after she was sniffing beach sand last Saturday. It appears like she is snorting or trying to blow. Could she have a tickle ? Or something up her nose ? It is not constant. A few times Saturday. And a couple of times each day since. In fact just after drinking. Water up her nose ?
  18. ah! "bed fails" that's it, seen a few of those. like falling off the bed, stretching and knocking over a lamp table.
  19. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23132200/The%20Girls.png
  20. need help uploading pics from iMac

  21. This is how they slept in the den before we got them serpent day beds......
  22. Lander could never be replaced but the gaping hole is now full again. Every time I look at Lander's picture on my desk , I thank him for the memory he left. He was the total opposite of these girls, 85 pound male, raced 49 times, won more than a few and suffered tremendous scars. He displayed the mistreatment of racing greyhounds on his skin and in his heart. He gave no quarter but loved without limit. All he ever wanted was his sofa, a walk and to be with my wife and I. And boy did he like to run, right up to his declining health. he was special in that after six months, no leash was e
  23. to Greyaholic : you know you make a good point and I have considered this. Being new to having sisters, I'm open to suggestions. On the one hand, they are each concerned for the other, they eat at the same time, side by side, even drink side by side from the same water bowl, they sleep in their crates which are against one another and seem content. So naturally I we felt they would like to doze side by side while were watching TV or reading. But after this incident maybe I should give them space? I don't have to tell any grey owners here how "out of control" sleepers they are, 'roaching
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