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Hello, we noticed our six-year old Foley was bleeding from his tail today. When we looked we saw a large bump at the base of his tail. 

He had been having some trouble laying down the past few days, but we attributed that to joint pain and were going to ask our vet about it. This is the first time we've seen blood on his bed.

We will be going to the vet but weren't sure if this was a middle of the night emergency situation or something that could wait until 8am (currently 10:45 pm).

Thank you for any insight!


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I can’t help much I’m afraid and I suspect most of the people in the know are probably sleeping but greyhounders are often early risers so hopefully you’ll get some more advice soon. The skin here is very sensitive and I find that my hound sometimes bleeds here if I’ve not noticed a bit of ‘stool cake’ and it’s become stuck. It seems to break very easily. I don’t get that as often now his stools are bit more solid. I don’t think it’s in the right place to be an anal gland issue but I’m not certain.

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Regular vet visit should be okay rather than nighttime emergency vet, but the sooner the better.

This could be anything from an infected hair follicle to excessive chewing/licking of a flea bite or fire ant bite. That much swelling looks like an infection sure is brewing.

Will he let you look closely to see if there center point to it? You may need to muzzle him so you don't get nipped while doing that.

Has he had any falls or collisions that might have knocked his tail bones out of joint?

Warm moist compresses may help in the meantime.

Keep us posted on what happens.



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Amy updates? Hoping you were able to see the vet. Overnight waiting I think is fine, but I wouldn't want to wait through the entire weekend.


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