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Adopting A Dog With S A?

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So I have had Maggie since late December. She is house broken, doesn't need a crate anymore and has been through basic obedience so has better impulse control. On the other hand she has some naughty behavior which includes inappropriate chewing (couch arm, window sill etc.) so I muzzle her when I go out. She also gets a bit whiney on our walks. I attribute a lot of this behavior to boredom and have been considering adopting a companion for her.


The group Maggie came from has an adoptable male with SA. According to his bio he needs at least one other dog or a home with someone around all the time. I am semi retired and work from home but usually go out for 2 or 3 hours each day.


I am wondering whether the combination would work for both dogs. Would a companion help keep Maggie out of trouble? More importantly, would such a small pack be enough for a dog which has already exhibited SA?

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It could be perfect, but you won't know till you try! Would they allow you to foster with intent, or bring the new dog home on a trial basis?(Our local kennels let you bring the dog home for a weekend or whatever before you sign up.)


If so I'd suggest going along and letting her meet the other dog, then bringing him home to see how you all get on!

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Whiney while out walking is interesting, is she reacting to seeing other dogs or critters? Whining because she's ready to be done and you are not? She really shouldn't be bored on a walk. How do you deal/react to that behavior while walking?


Assuming you don't muzzle her, when does the chewing happen - when you're around, not around?

How old is she? Especially if she's young, are you confident she's getting enough exercise?


Fostering with intent is definitely a good option, though it depends a bit on how confident you are that your adoption group knows what "kind" of SA he has. Some dogs are fine with a dog or a human, some need a human around to not feel SA. If they are correct he will probably get along nicely with you guys.


On the other hand, I'm less confident (from my own very recent, but obviously anecdotal, experience) that a second dog will fix the behavioral problems of the first. Unless the behavior issues are SA-related, and therefore cured by another pack member, you'll just end up with another dog, all the work that goes with that, and still potentially have a dog with some behavioral problems.


At that point you just need to make sure you actually want a second one. If you do, then awesome! And it will be a fringe benefit if it helps out #1.


If what's most important to you is dealing with #1's issues, then I'd be more cautious before making the leap. We actually are currently fostering a bounce, also wanting to see if having another dog around would help with our dog's different, but similarly troublesome behavioral issues. It isn't.

And for us, getting his issues fixed are our first priority and a second dog (even a sweet one) hinders that.

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Sometimes a second works and sometimes it doesn't. You don't know until you try.


Most importantly, do not adopt a second dog unless you want one and can afford all the additional expenses of another.

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