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Cbd Oil

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Good morning everyone.

I have to make retired greyhounds that are 78 lbs

each. They are both broken legs and the older one has had a metal plate taken out less than 1 yr ago and just two weeks ago had a corn removed. They have both been through a lot. I purchased CBD oil from king kalm CBD oil 300mg. However, they only have 1oz bottles and their instructions per weight is 1ml per dog and I am giving it to them every other day. This bottle will only last me a week and they do not make larger bottles. What CBD oil brands is everyone using for their greyhounds and how much given and if everyday?

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You must be very careful of the brand you purchase. Just attended a lecture focusing on CBD oil and there are claims that 26% of the brands being sold contain little to none of actual CBD oil. After much research I use this...


They are also finding that some CBD oil has residual THC in it per a vet behaviorist I recently spoke with.


Is your dog already on medication?


CBD oil is all the rage right now and I think there are uses for it, but we know next to nothing about how it effects our dogs and these products are completely unregulated (ie. zero quality control). For me, that puts it in the last resort category rather than the reach for it early on as a safe way to avoid medication. Getting off my soap box... :lol


(By the way, I have used a CBD product with one of my dogs so again, not saying it's never appropriate, just requires some consideration. Unfortunately that was sent time ago so I can't give any specific product recommendations.)

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This is a company that is local to us in AZ and several owners here did a fair amount of research before using them. They have products that are specifically formulated to pets. Our neighbor uses their CBD for two storm-phobic dogs and it works well. We have also seen a couple of greyhounds who are storm phobic chill right out after using it.


We used it for Rocket when he was having some additional pain in the weeks before we had to let him go to the bridge. It did seem to help but how much, I'm not sure.


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I am purchasing from www.kingkanine.com. they test their cbd oil through a third party certifies lab for the potency and to make sure it is pure and no metals or foreign items in it. It is also pesticide and solvent free. It is also pharmacist formulated in artic krill oil. But my problem is they only have 1 or bottles. I was trying to find out if anyone has had their greyhound on cbd oil that they trust that have bigger bottles than 1 oz. I give it to my greyhound because he seems to be slow now he has had a corn and I heard a lot of good things about it for dogs. The company I purchase has also been on CBS and animal shows as well on how natural their product is.

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