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Quick Question Clean Ear Tear

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quick question, straight clean ear tear, 1/8" edge straight up for 3 inches! fortunately felix has prick ears. yes, a jealous action from his buddy Maggie(they have know each other and lived together many times over the past 9 years). but it's straight and has YES clotted! boy do those ears bleed!


we used flour since quick stop was not available and then when i returned home i cleaned it w/ hydrogen peroxide, applied triple antibiotic ointment and it's clotted.don't even try bandaging an ear unless you have unlimited stock in both gauze and vet wrap- it takes a ton to bandage up the head securely(ear flat against the head). i cleaned it w/ hydrogen peroxide again today since both dog saliva, dried blood and flour needed to be removed, it was gross.


it's healing nicely. so, the question is: debris the edge w/ peroxide to form scar tissue or leave it alone.

( i remember annie's web tear, my vet had me clean it with peroxide daily to help form scar tissue. no problems with her paw what so ever after it healed in a week.)


yeah, poor old felix is having a hard time these days.

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Ruby degloved a portion of her ear a few years ago.

I did manage to keep a super extra large human bandage (Elastoplast type 4" x6" ?) on it for a few days, just to keep the flap closed. I kind of wrapped it around the entire ear flap and stuck it to itself.


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My vote is leave it now. I try and have a hands off approach for most wounds though - only what's necessary.

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