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Greyhound Depression

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Since the loss of Bear and Remy, our Thorpe seems to still be sad. He lays on the dog bed watching the door for them to come back. The other 2 greyhounds have handled it different it looks like. Any thoughts or just let it run it course? I've been giving all 3 more attention and loving to see if that will work.


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Dogs grieve the loss of their pack mates, and each dog is different. I try to give the remaining pack members individual time and attention. We go on adventures, and take car rides for ice cream or puppacinos, sometimes starting a new class or activity can be good.


Otherwise, I think it just has to be something they go through, and it can take some time. I think being there, and being patient with him is the way to go. Eventually, the pack will settle into a new dynamic.

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You can help him with some Bach's flowers. I always use gorse (5 drops in the water bowl). My mentor used to say 'gorse is like a bottle of liquid sunshine'.

Sorry for butchering the english language. I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum.


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