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Slowly Losing Weight

Guest RockRoos

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Guest RockRoos

When I first got Rock, he weighed 70 lbs.


A year and a half later, he ways 65 lbs.


His appetite is good, he is given 2 cups of kibble twice a day and I free feed. He also gets a monthly treatment against parasites (Sentinel Spectrum) in addition to his flea and tick medication.


I know that sudden weight loss is a bad sign, but this has been a slow drop. Do I need to take him to the vet, or just increase the amount in his meals? Any help appreciated!

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First check to see if the kibble you are feeding changed in any way. If they changed ingredients that affected the calories, he may just be eating fewer calories even though you are feeding the same amount. If you can't find any reason for it and he loses another pound or two, I would head to the vet now and not wait for November. Better to have the vet say that everything is okay instead of asking why you waited so long to come in.


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How does he look? Does he look healthy? Normal appearance, normal activity level? If so - he's probably fine. I'm just guessing here, but I'd guess he was a pro athlete before you got him, and I'm guessing he doesn't get the activity level he used to get (normal) so he's loosing muscle mass. If he looks and feels healthy I wouldn't worry about it. I'd bet he doesn't have the rock hard thighs he used to have. Normal. Some dogs gain weight in early pethood, and some loose weight through dropping muscle mass. It's 5 lb over 18 months. That's nothing to worry about. When your dog looses 5 lb in 2 weeks - then worry. Greys can shed weight super quickly when there's a problem.


This does not sound like a problem. It's not wrong to ask - information is power - but your dog is probably totally fine. I'd be more concerned if you said he weighed 90 lb now.

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i would weigh him, write it down

monitor food intake (most likely 2 c/2xs daily should be sufficient, somewhere around 1500 calories)

weigh in 2 week,

if lower weight or you feel he needs to gain then increase food or add carbs(rice) and maybe try feeding 3xs a day

weigh in 2 weeks

if he has not gained anything or better yet, lost weight take to the vet


can you post some pics?

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