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Sudden Dislike Of Dogs & Whining

Guest johnnydrum

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Guest johnnydrum

Nothing "major" here, all is well...but just thought i would ask...


Six weeks on and Sasha my retired 2 year old has been so well behaved.


From the off I have had her "meet" the local dog walkers and dogs, and with a steady hold on her leash, she showed little interest in the dogs, allowing them to generally have a sniff.

However quite suddenly she has started to be very vocal when dogs approach (even the ones she is familiar with)

She will now bark --both the low gruff and high pitched versions.....and although sometimes, her behavior looks play-full (over excitment) on occasion, I have suspected there was some aggression too (thankfully shes on her lead)

Today , upon seeing a familiar dog (who again she has many times allowed to sniff) she ommited a very very low rumbling growl, which I took as her cue for "lets go..."

Yet her tail wags like the clappers when the human owners greet her.

This has only surfaced this week.



This is a bit strange, but she whines every time she "circles" to ruffle up her bed (by the way what is that all about...lol...she will turn her large plush, comfy quilt, into nothing more than a cushion sized mass...and end up sleeping "dangling" off it lol)

I have checked her paws (to make sure nothings stuck), and once shes on the floor, she will keel over for belly rubs without any wincing or noises (so there dosnt seem to be any injuries or discomfort)....do they generally just like a good whine?


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Monty has always been a whiner. He whines about everything, even when he is 'talking' to himself and not trying to get us to do something for him. It has reduced some over the past 8 years, but he still whines a lot.


The reactions to other dogs when on lead could be excitement to meet others, some leash frustration (not wanting to greet when constrained by the leash), or a bit of telling the other dog to back off from her and give her space, or telling them that you are hers so not to push in where they weren't wanted (what's mine is mine, what's yours is mine too - or 'I can go up to your people but stay away from mine'). Or it could be her reacting to subtle body language of the other dog (grumpiness, intensity, enthusiasm, playfulness, etc.) and telling them to cool it.

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Hi. As I understand it, circling is a carry over from wild sleeping arrangements from long long ago (EG: patting down the grass and looking for danger before relaxing).

I'd guess after six weeks it's about a time your new grey might start to feel somewhat more relaxed, and now confident enough to communicate some likes and dislikes (EG: likes people, doesn't like being sniffed by dogs). If she's not comfortable (EG: several possible signals including growls) meeting dogs, try stand further away. Often it's a compromise between saying hello to people, and keeping distance to help your dog feel safe.

My grey is a gentle soul around people but goes nuts around other dogs. (EDIT: That's why we give most other dogs a wide berth when walking.)

Cheers. :)

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the circling ("nesting") is 100% normal and in fact very usual for greyhounds :) Larry will nest like a mad man until he gets his bed into a "clam" and then lie down, usually with at least his head or butt (or both) hanging off. :) It doesn't matter how poofy or lofty or huge the bed is, he has to nest it into the ground :lol


oh, and Larry is leash-reactive to other dogs as well, has been since he saw his bridge brother Anubis do the same thing when we first got him, he learned (unfortunately) from that. Thankfully Zeke has no interest in continuing this behavior.....

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Guest johnnydrum

Thank you so much, its brilliant being able to pick the brains of more experienced owners.

Cant thank you enough.

Friutycake: I like the sound of Monty!

It was the whining while she was doing the crazy bed ritual (she even whines when shes just getting ready to lay down on the floor) that was concerning....but of course shes then in roach position and loves her belly rubs, there`s no more whining (and she loves some *rough-housing* with me, so she dosnt seem to be in any discomfort)


*She does also enjoy some "rough-housing" of late...it looks likes shes attacking me, with her jaws and gnashers, "biting " and snapping, yet she makes very very little contact, (shes actually very very gentile) and she has the most playfull expression as she does it (especially when were running together on the lead).


Raineysmum & Manbestfriend; So funny about the bedding/nesting. And thank you so much for the tips regarding other dogs. I will plan a strategy where I can talk to the owners (as thats an aspect I enjoy) and keep Sasha at a distance.

Just want to make my girl as happy as I can.

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Guest Scouts_mom

My Tia whined all the time. I finally decided that she was just talking to herself. I talk to myself all the time (and talk to my computer),so I figured she was entitled to. She had a different tone to her whine when she actually wanted me to do something.

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All breeds of dogs circle their beds (well, not all of them, but this is NOT a "greyhound thing," it's a dog thing).


I would stop forcing interactions on her. Just carry on with your business. If you pass another dog, fine, but there is no need to feel you have to "introduce" her to every dog you see. Some dogs are super vocal, and her reactions sound more like "whahooooo! another dog" versus aggression, but it's hard to tell without seeing


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