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Red Rash Inside Thighs

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I have a one month adopted girl and noticed recurring red rash inside her thighs. She's off track for 6 months so still have big thighs and bald butts I thought this rash might be the friction of her really big thigh. I'm trying to avoid long walks.


Anyone had this with a recently rescued ex-racer greyhound?


First time I noticed I cleaned the area and put some ointment, it got better, but now it's getting worse.

We are taking her to the vet next weekend to a check up and see her thighs, while this, does anyone has any tips?

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Possibly urine scald? In which case I would clean and gently dry the area daily, until you see the vet, and maybe apply something like Sudocrem - a medicated cream used in the UK for nappy rash, etc. When my old chap Doc came to me he had a red spotty patch on the point of his sternum (where it rested on the ground when he sphinxed - i.e. lay down in that characteristic greyhound crouch). Sudocrem was what the kennels recommended for that, and it worked a treat.


Or could it be fleabites? Has she been treated for fleas recently?


Edited because it was Doc and not Ken who had the red spotty patch!

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Don't bother avoiding walks. Pretty much every racing hound has big thighs, but they don't all have rashes. It's probably bug bites or possibly an allergic reaction.


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Guest Sportingfields

In case it is urine burn, clean her up with eco friendly baby wipes after she potties. Go back to the ointment you were using that helped. Possibly insect bites, do you use flea meds monthly? Don't let her lie in the grass until you go to vet and get a proper diagnosis. Don't avoid walks, not necessary. Make sure her indoor bedding is cleaned regularly. In case of fleas in the bed stuffing, if you can wash/dry, even if not, lightly sprinkle stuffing with Adams flea powder or borox and then put cover back on. The fleas will die from inhaling the powder.

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I have never experienced this before so I can't offer suggestions other than to ensure you keep it clean. Something is obviously irritating her though. I love colloidal silver for this. If you are able to get some, try to spray it on her affected areas to keep bacteria away and promote healing.

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My beautiful little white baby with brown ticking was just under two when she came to live with us. She has such beautiful white fur and soft pink skin. My very first white little girl. To look at her you would think she was so dainty and innocent. That is till she finally has some grass to roll around in and holes to dig until her heart is content. She got red spots on her belly area and they looked a little irritated.At first I thought she had ring worms, or small fleas that I did not see. My husband figured it out correctly. It was just spring time or summer time little nats in the grass that she rolled in. She was sensitive to them and got bit and that gave her the red marks. I bathed her in natural shampoo for sensitive dogs who may have had ring worms and got a cream and put that on her area.. I continued to use the cream on her a couple of times a week. In a short time, the bite red marks were gone. Either it has gotten too hot for the nats or they just do not like the peppermint and clove oil tick/flea spray I use on my two greys. I do not like to use the spot on as both of them have had bad reactions. So when ever I can, we go natural. The bath soap, cream and spray come from amazon, Anyway, she is clean as a whistle now. That is except for the dirt she loves to dig in. Hope your concerns are resolved as simple as mine were.


Her thighs sound to be natural to greyhounds. Also, I changed my girls diet to chicken, chicken and chicken and salmon dryfood from costco. Beef now and than. Once I changed the food right after she was adopted, the hair on her thighs came in beautifully. No longer hairless. The vet tested her to see if she had a thyroid problem. It came up slightly off on one test, that was fine later. She loves the costco milk bone brand also. No more bare thighs. I would not worry about her large thighs. Hope you include her picture when you get a chance.

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